Transaction Record Info 

The standard "Record Info" button is in all Connected screens that create entries which affect General Ledger. Some examples of these screens are Account Invoices, Purchases, Cash Receipts, and Payments (aka Checks). When the info button is clicked a message will appear displaying the date, time, and the name of the user that added the entry that last modified the entry and that posted the entry.

The enhanced “Record Info” button is used in Connected screens that are more likely to have many different modifications and/or actions.  For example, the Sales Order and Purchase Order screens.  The enhanced info button tracks each time the entry is edited, closed, deleted, and other various actions that are specific to the individual screen.

The Record Info button can be hidden for certain users, based on user password privilege.

Enabling the Record Info Button

To enable the record info button:

1) Select User Privileges from the File menu.

2) Highlight the user that you wish to make the change for and click Modify .

3) Click the Other button while under the General tab, as shown in the following screen.

4) Select the checkbox beside Record Info which is listed below the heading "General Window Operations"

5) Click Save to complete your changes.

Viewing Standard Transaction Record Info

When clicked, the Record Info button will display the date, time, and the name of the user that added the entry, that last modified the entry, and that posted the entry.  All of these users could be different people. 

TIP:  The Record Info button will also display information on deleted invoices and void checks.

The following four screens show where the Record Info button is located and the information that will be displayed when it is clicked:

The user that added the entry:


The user that last modified the entry:

Who added, last modified and posted the entry:

Viewing Enhanced Transaction Record Info

Enhanced record info is also viewed by clicking the Record Info button.  At the time this document was prepared, enhanced record info was available in the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Manufacture/Work Order screen.

The following screen shows a sample of the enhanced record info for a Sales Order.

Record Info in the Bank Reconciliation

The record info button is also in the bank reconciliation window.  Each bank that is reconciled will track who initially started the reconciliation and who was the last to save/reconcile the bank, for each period.