Connected 10.0 Change Log

Modified on Mon, 09 May 2022 at 12:11 PM

The following is a list of improvements and changes made in the Connected Accounting and ERP Software, version 10.0.   Connected 10.0 is a major update and transitions Connected to a 64 bit application.  It includes major UI improvements, including Retina and UHD display support.

Connected 10.0 - April 2019

System Power for Next Generation

We have made some significant changes "under the hood" in Connected 10:

  • Connected 10 is a 64bit application (previous versions are 32bit)
  • UHD/Retina display support for high resolution displays.  Connected has never looked better or crisper when using a modern display.
  • Substantial update to Connected ODB Server platform with support for PC based servers, data updates, data backup, active user list (by IP address), and much more.
  • New logon option to always prompt for data file or remember last one used.
  • New update deployment option for patches.

UI (User Interface) Changes

  • New always open Connected Desktop window with custom My Places, My Reports, Company Notes, Company Email, and access to recent Places/Pins.
  • Updated screens and icon strip
  • Added calendar (pop-up calendar) and list icons to all Find windows.
  • Option to change window color, by user, on individual windows or program wide by user/by company data file.
  • Support for horizontal window re-sizing in Account Invoices, Credit Memos, Quick Invoices (formerly Cash Invoices), Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Manufacture, all Notes windows

Security and Audit Trail

  • Support for detailed change log tracking in Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Jobs, and Job Phases.
  • When change logs are enabled, Record Info for supported areas will show exact changes made each time a record is modified.  For example, if a customer’s credit limit or payment terms were updated, the user name, date, time, and exact changes (from/to) are logged.
  • Option to encrypt PDF versions of sensitive reports in new Enhanced Report interface.
  • Mandatory encryption for PDF versions of sensitive reports if sent to Enhanced Report Notes, as file attachment

Enhanced Reports

  • New “Enhanced Report” interface for the following reports:  Inventory Valuation, Customer Aging, Vendor Aging, Chart of Accounts, Journal Entries, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Financial History, Customer Invoice Analysis, and Receipts Journal.
  • New Enhanced Report window includes Notes (within report window), access to My Places, and Actions menus.
  • macOS support for screen report preview which includes zoom and search (already included on PC in previous update) for all reports
  • Default report destination changed to “Screen” for all reports

Sample of new Enhanced Customer Aging Report window:

My Reports

  • Option to send select report output to new “My Reports” tab within the Connected desktop
  • Reports are saved, by user login, even when the application is closed.
  • All reports saved under “My Reports” support drill down into the report detail
  • Save up to 15 different versions of supported reports.
  • Options to copy selection or entire report with and without column headings
  • At the time of the Connected 10 initial release the following reports supported output to My Reports for all report types: Customer Aging, Vendor Aging, Inventory Valuation, Trial Balance, Chart of Accounts, and Receipts Journal.


Notes Enhancements

  • Enhanced window appearance option to horizontally re-size.
  • New icon to show when note is from details of an email sent.
  • New “Snippets” feature. Snippets are saved pieces of text that are unique to specific nots window for specific screens.  Once saved, just click the snippet menu and make a selection to add the text to a note.

Email Enhancements

  • Send text of email and attachments to Notes.  For example, if sending an invoice choose to include the entire message, recipients, and invoice file attached to notes (attachments can only be stored if enabled)
  • New option to add “Other Recipients” and type email addresses that are not part of the existing customer/vendor/company contact list
  • Send email to Company (internal) contacts from the Connected Desktop with support for email templates.

E-Commerce Enhancements

  • New Web Order number field added to Sales Order, Account Invoice, and Credit Memo screens.  New field is searchable and available to add to printed forms.
  • When order is shipped, web order number transfers to corresponding invoice(s)
  • Modified sales order import with ability to optionally auto number orders using the web order number field.
  • New Billing Address fields for Contact, Phone, Fax, and Email in Sales Orders, Account Invoice, and Credit Memo screens
  • New “Update Shipping Info” Action to the Account Invoice window to add tracking numbers and tracking url’s to unposted or posted invoices
  • New Web Order number filter in Sales Order ledger to easily identify orders received from website

Sales Orders

  • New option to Print Packing Slip on unshipped, partially shipped, or full shipped Sales Order from within Sales Order window.
  • New sorting options when printing the Sales Order form from the Sales Order window.  Sort by Item No, Bin #, or Line Order.

Quick Invoices

  • Cash Invoice has been renamed “Quick Invoice”.
  • Added support for Payment Types which groups Quick Invoices by day by payment type for receipts and/or bank reconciliation
  • New fields added:  All standard shipping address fields, Billing Contact, Billing Phone, Billing Email, Custom Sales Fields (tab), and Web Order Number
  • Added new “Update Shipping Info” Action to add tracking numbers and tracking URL’s to unposted or posted Quick Invoices.

Credit Memo Refunds

  • New Credit Memo type called “Customer Refund” designed to add a one-step customer refund for an electronic payment.  Instead of the Credit Memo always being on the customer account, a Customer Refund is directed at specific bank and closed once posted.
  • Expanded fields in Credit Memo Billing address fields to include Contact, Phone, Fax, and Email

Accounts Payable

  • New “Payments” tab in Purchases window that shows all payments made against specific purchase. View and drill into the corresponding payment.
  • EFT export window, used for ACH or Bank file creation, now captures user details for the last export in the Record Info

Job Costing

  • Powerful new job phase editor for editing job phase information and updating budget information.  Easily add notes, update descriptions, budget amounts/hours, and/or export to a spreadsheet.

  • Expanded record info for jobs that shows the date/time/user when an accrual is cleared and detailed changes for changes made using the phase editor

Other Enhancements

  • Added Sales Order number filter and Total Cost column to Sales Ledger display options.
  • New option to enforce unique serial numbers for Manufactured items.
  • New aging balance totals in Customer Query window as optional columns (0-30, 30-60, 61-90, and 90+ days, for example)
  • New option to print Packing Slip from Account Invoice window.
  • Receipts Journal report updated with new filters for receipt type and more concise report options.
  • Added filter for source “VR” (Void Receipt) in General Ledger Accounts window.
  • Modified Close Period operation to warn vs block if users are accessing data file.


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