Connected 10.2 Change Log - September 2020

Modified on Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 11:18 AM

09/30/2020 - The following is a list of improvements and changes made in the Connected Accounting and ERP Software, version 10.2.   Connected 10.2 is a 64-bit application that can be deployed on macOS and/or Windows platforms.   Connected can also be deployed using our Connected on Demand SaaS offering.

Connected 10.2 System Requirements

Important: macOS Big Sur Compatibility Information

Connected 10.2 Release Highlights:

Connected Notes Enhancements

-Updated window layout with option to resize vertically between the list and detail view

-View all Notes, Notes with Attachments, Emails (if included), and Record Info (If Included)

-Option to Sort, by all columns, and Filter notes by date

-Option to flag notes (red/orange/green) to draw attention to different items of importance

-Filter Notes by Source, with or w/o attachments, and by flag

-Save custom "Views" by user that can be re-used as needed

-Option for "Contains" search to find specific text matches within Notes, Record Info, or Emails

Inbound Inventory Unit of Measure Conversion for Purchasing

-New inbound unit of measure conversion for items for Purchasing

-Define both an Inventory Unit of Measure and Purchasing Unit of Measure

-Purchase Order quantity can be reflective of a case count or other measurement when an item is consumed or sold in a different measure 

-PO Receivings window modified to show he factor and units to be received

-PO Generation window now includes columns for the PO Factor and Inventory to be Received to make bulk PO creation easier when purchase conversion factors are in use

General Journal Analysis Codes

-Define and add analysis codes that can be used on General Journal entries
-Analysis Codes can be assigned to posted or unposted journals, from all sources
-Account Activity can be sorted and filtered by Analysis Codes

-Journal entries report has been modified to include an Analysis Code filter

-Feature can be very useful for tracking/auditing expenses for government loans and grants

New Purchases Ledger

-new window to view vendor Purchases (aka Bills)
-see purchases by type and status (posted/unposted/open/closed)

-custom column view supports easy export
-supports Connected "Views"
-Learn more about the 10.2 Purchases Ledger

Inventory Item Images

-new option to turn on Inventory Item images

-when enabled, up to three images can be added to an inventory item

-images are stored in the Connected Attachments folder so large files do not bloat the database

-images are supported on the Sales Quote, Sales Order, Packing Slip, and Account Invoice form

-learn more from Inventory Item Images 

Record Info Change Log Enhancements

-New options to enable/disable and primary record change logs.  Change Log support for primary records applies to G/L Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, and Jobs.

-Change log tracking will show the date/time/user and the exact change made to the record.  For example, if a customers credit limit was increased from $500 to $1,000 or quantity was changed from 6.75 to 8.25 on a Bill of Materials

-Change logs now support an export option so data can be audited externally and user activity isolated easier

-Certain imports will create a change log records.  Change logs will be recorded for new record imports and record updates in the following: import updates to G/L Accounts, Customers, Inventory Items, Vendors, and the Inventory Price Matrix.

Support for a Terms and Conditions or Single Final Page on Forms

-New option to create a form with a "Final" page that can be used for terms and conditions and/or other broiler plate information
-Final Page works on variable length forms, like a Sales Order, that can have many pages but will include the single final page at the end
-New forms will appear in the form editor window with the Connected 10.2 update

-Supported forms are: Sales Quote, Sales Order, Invoice, and Purchase Order

-Related Info: Adding a Logo or Image to a Form

Bank Reconciliation Notes and File Attachments

-New option to add notes into a bank reconciliation

-If file attachments are enabled, store bank statements and other documents in Notes

-Notes can be viewed and file attachments accessed, no matter which period is being reconciled

-all Notes and Files can be be viewed/edited/added within the Banks setup window, making it available in the Bank Reconciliation 

New Inventory Item Fields

-New Fields for "Max Qty" and "Long Item No" have been added to the Inventory Items screen, in addition to those for Purchase Unit of Measure
-"Max Qty" is to assist with purchasing to add another metric so both Min and Max qty can be viewed

-"Long Item No" is a 30 character field that can be helpful when a long part number is required.  This field is available in item list lookups and can be added to printed forms
-both new fields can be displayed and searched in the Inventory Item Query window

Connected “Views” Expanded Support

Connected "Views" supports the saved custom "views" in ledger and query windows, by user account.
-Each window, that supports views, can have up to 99 different saved views unique to each user
-great for saving windows and columns for specific tasks like restocking or past due invoices

-Connected views support added to the following Windows in Connected 10.2:  Purchases Ledger, Vendor Query, Customer Query, and Job Query

-Connected views support added to the following Windows in Connected 10.1: Sales Ledger, Sales Quote Ledger, Sales Order Ledger, Payments Ledger, Sales ledger, Purchase Order Ledger, Work Order Ledger, and Inventory Item Query

-Learn how to use Connected Views

New Company Setup Fields

-New fields have been added in the General Company Setup to help with company identification reference and printed forms
-New dedicated field for "Web Address"
-Five new alpha-numeric custom fields for items like Email, Email 2, Tax ID's, and/or certificate ID's

-All new fields can be placed on existing printed forms (Invoices, Orders, Purchase Orders...etc) so they do not need to be added manually to each form

Additional Reports Converted to Modern Report Interface

-modern report interface supports enhanced UI and the enhanced Connected Notes within reports
-Reports updated to the modern interface in Version 10.2: Customer Sales History Report, Purchase Orders Report, and Sales Quotes Report

Data Import Changes

-Inventory Item Import fields have been bumped to support the new "Max Qty" field.  All fields after position (14) Min Qty have been bumped one space

-Inventory Item Import has new fields at the end of import for "Long Item No" (56) "Purchase UoM" (57), and "PO Factor" (58)

Additional Enhancements

-Added Post Date and Post User, from Record Info, as selectable columns in Ledger windows

-Payment Advice form can now be emailed and attached to email directly from Payments Ledger 

-Vendor Name field has been expanded from 30 to 40 characters in length

-Purchase Order Ledger now includes a date interval drop list with a full range of standard choices

-Location Name field and Location list has been added to the Manufacture window

-Job Cost Phase Editor window includes the Phase Name and Account Number from the Phase Codes window in the spreadsheet/text export

-Contacts Ledger now includes a column and filter for "Email Invoices and Statements" so the specific email/contact can be identified in a list or search

-Contacts window (list) modified to show an icon beside those email(s) that have been selected for "Email Invoices and Statements" so each contact does not have to be clicked on to verify if selected or not

-G/L Account in the Banks Setup window is now a clickable hyperlink to Account

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