The following is a list of improvements and changes made in the Connected Accounting and ERP Software, version 10.1.   Connected 10.1 is a 64-bit application that can be deployed on the latest versions of macOS and/or Windows.   Connected can also be deployed using our Connected on Demand SaaS offering.

Connected 10.1 - October 2019

Compatibility with macOS Catalina 10.15
-Compatibility with macOS 10.15 - released October 7, 2019
-Connected 10.1 is the only compatible version of Connected with macOS Catalina
-64 bit app, introduced in Connected 10.0, required for transition from 32 bit as specified by Apple

Connected “Views”
-Ledger and query windows now support "saved views" by user
-Each window, that supports views, can have up to 99 different saved views unique to each user
-great for saving windows and columns for specific tasks like restocking or past due invoices

-Current Windows Supported: Sales Ledger, Sales Quote Ledger, Sales Order Ledger, Payments Ledger, Sales ledger, Purchase Order Ledger, Work Order Ledger, and Inventory Item Query

-Learn how to use Connected Views

General Ledger Enhancements
-support for Income Statement and Balance Sheet to My Reports
-My Reports, added in Connected 10.0, supports multiple views and report drill down
-new Action for "Reverse Entry" in General Journal window

New Payments Ledger Window
-new window to view Payments
-see payments by type with custom column view and easy export
-supports Connected "Views"
-view payments that are cleared/uncleared from Bank Reconciliation

Purchase Order Enhancements
-line item reorder
-password protection to "Confirmed" checkbox
-location name displayed
-track changes on Confirmed/Unconfirmed

-Learn more about 10.1 Purchase Order Enhancements

Ledger Window Enhancements
-New fields added to the Columns list/field chooser
-Total fields, record count, and date/time last updated added included in all windows
-Refresh Now and Start Over option included in the Action menu for all ledger windows
-Added functionality for Connected Views

-Learn more about the Ledger window updates

Inventory Item Change Log Support
-track exact changes to Inventory items
-see the date/time/user and the exact change made within an Inventory item
-change log support for G/L Accounts, Customers, Vendors, and Jobs added previously in 10.0

-Learn how to enable/use Change Logs

Aged Inventory Valuation Report
-new report option to age inventory with custom aging periods
-specify custom aging periods to see how old specific inventory is
-support for FIFO costing only

Consolidation Plug-in
-support for consolidation using ODB Server

Quick Invoice (formerly Cash Invoice)
-support for Blue Pay by Card Connect credit card processing
-support for multiple currencies

Accounts Receivable Enhancements
-change currency rate on Account Invoices

-new option to close Sales Quotes by date range for cleaning up old quotes

-new Standard Customer Statement form that can be used as starting point for a custom statement

Additional Reports Converted to Modern Report Interface
-modern report interface supports enhanced UI and Connected Notes within reports
-Reports updated to the modern interface in Version 10.1: Customer Item History Report, Incomplete Orders Report, Sales by Rep Report, Customer Statements, and Open Jobs

Hide Standard Forms
-ability to suppress standard forms for selection
-if any form is modified, only the modified form will appear in the "Select Forms" list
-For example, if one Invoice form was modified, the Select forms list will now show 1 option instead of 5 to choose from
-makes form selection and understanding of each forms purpose clearer

Reverse Manufacture Quantity
-added the Reverse Manufacture Quantity as a field option in the Work Order Ledger
-added the Reverse Manufacture Quantity and in the Summary Manufacture report export