Connected 10.3 Change Log - November 2021

Modified on Fri, Dec 10, 2021 at 9:25 AM

11/30/2021 - The following is a list of improvements and changes made in the Connected Accounting and ERP Software, version 10.3.  Connected 10.3 is a 64-bit application that can be deployed on macOS and/or Windows platforms.  Connected can also be deployed using our Connected on Demand SaaS cloud.

Connected 10.3 System Requirements

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Connected 10.3 New Features

General Improvements


-all new enhanced reminders and reminders window

-set reminders in all screens with Notes, so that the reminder is linked

-reminders window includes list with hyperlinks to the transaction or record

-set reminder that are recurring in various intervals

Learn more about the new Connected Reminders with video.

Quick Notes

-adding external files has never been easier with the new quick method to drag and drop files into notes

-add notes quickly with a single click

-quick note support added to all Connected windows that support notes

Learn more about Connected Quick Notes with video.

Connected Messages

-improved messages window for in app announcements (updates, webinars, important patches)

-access the Connected Messages from the Help menu

-review current and past messages

Security and Audit Trail

Reference: Introduction to Passwords, User Accounts, and Access Privileges

Standard Password Management

-current password now called "Standard Password Management" passwords

-option to use lower case and upper case characters

-user list view shows current, standard, admin, and inactive users

-new user list export

Learn more about User Accounts and Access Privileges - Standard Passwords

Secure Password Management

-New option for "Secure Password Management" for extra Connected account security

-Secure Management helps ensure private passwords and helps prevent unauthorized access

-each user profile requires an email address which is used as the Logon Name

-Administrators can add or edit user privileges but cannot view, add, or change passwords

-Forgotten passwords require a "Reset Password"

-Password policy that requires a min complexity of 10 characters with one uppercase, one lowercase, and numeric character is enforced

Learn more about User Accounts and Access Privileges - Secure Passwords

Accounts Receivable

General A/R Improvements

-Customer Statements report has new filter for Customer Terms code

-Customers Pop-up list, in the Advanced Find, has new option to add the current "Balance" for customer as a column in the list display

Sale Taxes Improvements

The following changes have been made to help changing and more complex Sales Tax requirements

-Sales Tax setup window includes new fields for “County”, “City”, and “State/Prov”

-Sales Tax setup window supports new flattened export of all Sales taxes for easy review and sorting

-Sales Tax import utility has been modernized and supports new sales tax fields

-Sales Tax pop-up list includes new columns for “State/Prov”, “County”, and “City” to help assign tax value to new customers and/or shipping addresses.  List can also show the current tax rates when selected

-Sales Ledger supports new Sales Tax fields for column selection: “ST Prov/State”, “ST County”, and “ST City”.  With the new fields, a summary export of all invoices, taxable, non-taxable, shipping address, taxes charged, and sales tax applied can easily be exported for audit/reporting requirements

Receipts Ledger

-new window to view Receipts (aka Customer Payments)

-see Receipts by payment type and status (posted/unposted/open/closed)

-custom column selection supports easy export

-supports Connected "Views"

-Learn more about the Connected 10.3 Receipts Ledger

Customer Deposits

-enhanced method for Customer Deposit tracking

-mark entries as a "Deposit" if posted or unposted

-new A/R Aged Listing report option to isolate deposit entries only for periodic accounting adjustments

-filters in the Receipts ledger to isolate or show which entries have been marked as "Deposit"

Customer Item Info and Pricing Improvements

-Customer Specific Item Descriptions are now shown in green text, default item descriptions in standard black

-When items are added manually or imported, if a custom description is not specified, the default Inventory Item description will be used.

-Added support for Customer Item Info export in the Connected Data Exchange. All customer item info tables can be exported at once for review/update/reimport

-New utility to delete select items from all Customer Item pricing lists

Lot/Serial Sales History Report

-New Lot/Serial Sales History report for tracking which lot/serial numbers were sold to all or a specific customer

-New report can be used to check inventory that has been sent that may be expiring soon for proactive restocking

-Generate a list of Lot/Serial Numbers sold to a specific customer

Learn more about the new Lot/Serial Sales History Report.

Orders and Quotes

Sales Quotes Window Improvements

-New fields for PO Number, Web Order No, Required Date, and FOB.  All new fields transfer to the same fields in the related Sales Order if an order is created using the "Add Order" Action.

-PO Number and Web Order No are indexed for search

-PO Number has duplicate check of "Check for Duplicate Customer PO's" is enabled in the A/R Defaults

-New Billing Address fields for Contact, Phone, Fax, and Email.  All new fields transfer to the Billing Address fields in the related Sales Order if an order is created using the "Add Order" Action.

-all new fields can be added to the Sales Order form (Reference: Customizing Forms)

Sales Quote Ledger New Fields

-New Fields for PO Number, Web Order No, Required Date, FOB, Bill To Contact, Bill To Phone, Bill To Fax, and Bill To Email have been added to the Sales Quote Ledger field picker

Learn more about using and customizing Connected Ledger Windows

Sales Quotes Import - Modern Import Framework

-Sales Quote import has been updated to use the modern import framework

-Import can be custom mapped if import file is not in same order

-Preview imported data before import

Sales Order and Quote Custom Line Item Fields

-new option to enable Custom Line Item fields within Sales Quotes and Sales Orders

-use up to 11 custom fields per line (6 alphanumeric, 2 numeric, 2 date, 1 comment)

-each custom field can be "Required" and also support a controlled user defined list

-custom line item fields transfer from the Quote to Order

-custom line item fields can be used on both Sales Order and Sales Quote printed forms

Accounts Payable

Vendor Deposits

-enhanced method for Vendor Deposit tracking

-mark entries as a "Deposit" if posted or unposted

-new A/P Aged Listing report option to isolate deposit entries only for periodic accounting adjustments

-filters in the Payments ledger to isolate or show which entries have been marked as "Deposit"

1099 NEC (Patch Released January 2021)

-support for changes in 2021 for the 1099 NEC form

-patch originally made available in January

Reference: 1099 NEC

Expense Reports

-New Expense Summary report version to quickly track totals over date ranges while suppressing details

-Expense Code setup window now shows G/L Account Description, G/L Account hyperlink, and Tax Code Description. 

-Expense Code Setup export includes all new fields and uses a flattened export

Inventory and Manufacturing

Inventory Reporting Changes

-Item List Report converted to the modern report framework with additional specific filters for Active and Inactive 

-Master Item List report to the modern report framework

-Master Item List report includes a cleaner export version to show all components and subassemblies within Master items. Subassemblies are numbered for the level and the Component Items can easily be sorted with a new column that uses no indents for the subassembly levels

-Price List Report converted to the modern report framework with additional display options.  Price List includes support for additional Price Matrix Levels and Labels

-Consumption Report text/spreadsheet version has been flattened for easier analysis.  New "Est Cost" field also added to the output.

Inventory Valuation Report - Lot/Serial Summary

-New version of the Inventory Valuation called "Lot/Serial Summary" that reports on stock inventory for Lot/Serial controlled items only

-report can be sorted by Item Number or Expiry date

-an expiry date cut off date can be entered to exclude items with distant expiry dates

-report output has support for My Reports

Manufacture Report Changes

The following changes were made to the "Component Summary" export version of the Manufacture report:

  • Added column for On WO (Qty to be Manufactured, not component) so that a Sub Assembly, that is also a Component, can include the quantity scheduled for build.  This is helpful for planning when the item is built vs purchased and is within other scheduled builds
  • Added column for On SO, after On WO.  When identifying purchasing needs, understanding the current customer orders for components that are also sold direct is helpful for restocking analysis.  
  • Changed label from "Committed" to "Committed to Mfg." so it is cleared which components are committed to open manufacture entries

Price Matrix Labels and Increased Levels

The following enhancements have been made to the Price Matrix:

  • Levels have been increased from 7 to 11
  • Price Matrix levels can be labelled.  For example, "List", "Wholesale", "Special"
  • Labels appear in Customers Window so the label can help identify what the number means when assigning or reviewing a customer's pricing
  • Labels appear in Item Info tab on Quotes, Orders, and Invoices
  • Price Matrix Recalculation updated to support new levels

Custom Price Table Improvements

-Price Table window widened to show more item description

-When Price Table is saved, the Item list is sorted automatically by Item Code

-New utility to delete Item(s) from a single Custom Price Table or all.  For example if items are obsolete or inactive, they can be removed from pricing tables, making them easier to maintain

-Added support for Custom Price Table export in the Connected Data Exchange. All Custom Price Tables  can be exported at once for review/update/reimport

Manufacture Costing and Analysis

The following is a summary of the manufacture cost improvements:

-Updated behaviour of "Current Cost" field for Manufactured Items.

-Added new field for "Est Cost", available for all item types

-Added new field for "Current Mfg Cost", with hyperlink to Bill of Materials, available for Master type items only

-Added new column and total to Bill of Materials for "Estimated Cost". Using new column can help budget anticipated costs and then compare to the actual cost of a Manufacture Build

-Added "Estimated Mfg Cost" and "Current Mfg Cost" totals to the Inventory Item Query field picker.  See Current (most recent) Manufacture Cost beside the Estimated (expected/budgeted) Manufacture Cost

-Master Item List report has "Estimated Cost" column added to the export version so all components and sub assemblies can be listed in a flattened export with Current Cost, Estimated Cost, and Purchase Cost side by side.

-Added "Estimated Cost" to Inventory Item Import

Job Costing

Suppress Purchase Order Job Costing Messages

-new option to suppress Purchase Order Job Costing messages

-when enabled, PO's can be saved without a repeated message prompting for Job Costing information

-ideal if most or all PO's are not allocated to Jobs

Sub Jobs

-new option to enable "Sub Jobs"

-link jobs (aka sub jobs) to a master job

-all linked jobs appear in new "Sub Job" tab and list total hours, total costs, and total revenue

Learn more about Sub Jobs and their suggested uses.

Custom Forms - Default Sort

-the Sales Order and Manufacture Work Order (aka Production Order) can now have an embedded sort option within any custom form

-select to Sort the body (Item Listing) by Item Number, Line Order (default), or Bin Number

Reference: Customizing Forms

Maintenance and Fixes

#0004343: The "Deposit" field in the Account Invoice window has been re-labelled to "Paid". Data entry is not allowed in the field and it will still accumulate the total payments against the invoice.

#0004259: [Lot/Serial Control] A problem was found and fixed that occasionally caused and error message when saving SO when trying to allocate serialized item

#0004263: [I/C] A problem was resolved in which caused and Item Description to be  truncated when forced line breaks were included

#0004252: [A/R] An issue was resolved in the Receipts window with the Record Info on Void Receipts

#0004261: [G/L] The Financial History Report - Balance sheet version, has been removed due to an issue with year over year Balance Forward calculations

 #0004235: [A/R] An issue was resolved that caused a false error message when adding customer on the fly in Sales Order and Sales Quotes window


#0004245: [J/C] An issue was resolved in which a false error message blocked the adding of an estimate.

#0004234: [G/L] A report issue was resolved in the Income Statement when "Sequential Periods" was selected, causing the Account # to overlap the name

#0004213: [I/C] An issue was resolved in the PO Generation window which caused Vendor Comments, when multiple vendors is enabled, to repeat

#0004207: [I/C] Vendor Part number length, when multiple vendors is enabled, has been changed to 40 characters, consistent with Vendor part number when multiple vendors is not enabled.

#0004191: [J/C] Gross Margin by Job report tweaked to display consistent revenue values across different data configurations  

#0004194: [G/L] Trial balance Report, text/spreadsheet export, now shows the time and date on the exported version

#0004173: [A/R] An issue was resolved when creating a Credit Memo from an Account Invoice that caused Shipping Address info not to be transferred 

#0004166: [A/P] Vendors window tweaked so that 1099 box selection did not cause a text overlap 

#0004184: [A/R] Customer Item History Report issue resolved that caused sales rep totals to be inconsistent in certain configurations 

#0004120: [ODB Admin] An issue was resolved that caused the ODB Admin tool to wait an an extra long time to create a backup when the ODB was turned off (PC servers only)

#0004131: [General] An issue was resolved that caused the attaching of file to take an extra long time 

#0004101: [A/R] An issue was resolved that caused Customer Billing Address info not to pull Contact, Phone, Fax and Email when the Bill To and Ship To address were different 

#0004102: [Other] Analysis Code Report has been edited to show the General Journal Category

#0004103: [A/R] An issue was resolved that caused Fast keys and Edit menu to add and remove list items for Item Info tab in Customer window were disabled

#0004105: [I/C] An issue was resolved that caused Manufacture/Work orders created from Sales orders with Auto Approve ON not to be Approved 

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