Introduction to Passwords, User Accounts, and Access Privileges

Modified on Thu, Dec 2, 2021 at 11:27 AM

NOTE: The following article describes features available only in Connected 10.3 or greater.

There are many decisions to make when creating new user accounts and assigning access privileges.  For example, deciding which users will have access to sensitive information, such as financial reports, customer sales activities, and vendor payments. Assigning user privileges to different accounts is an important process when setting up a new Connected data file, editing access to an existing one, or adding new users.

Connected has two methods of "Password Management", which applies to how user accounts are handled, and each is described below.

Standard Password Management (Default)

Standard password management is on by default.  It is quick and easy to setup and use.  However, since passwords can be added, viewed, and changed by Administrators, they are not considered a private and/or secure method to prevent unauthorized access.  With standard management, no password policy is enforced.

Secure Password Management

Secure password management provides extra security for user accounts.  Using this method, each end user profile requires an email address, which is used when logging in.  Administrators can add user profiles but cannot view, add, or change passwords.  Forgotten, updated, or new passwords require a reset which temporarily assigns the value in the "Reset Password" field of the Company Setup window. A password policy requiring a minimum of ten characters and containing at least one uppercase, lowercase, and numeric character is enforced.  Secure management helps ensure unauthorized access.

Making a selection from "Standard" to "Secure" password management will change the process of how users are added and edited.  Each of these methods are described in the following articles.

Standard: Managing User Accounts and Access Privileges

Secure: Managing User Accounts and Access Privileges

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