Creating a New Company Data File

Modified on Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 10:23 PM

When first starting with Connected, a data file (aka Company File) will need to be created.  This is your company's data file. If a company data file was not created for you (migrated via data conversion), then one will need to be created.

The steps below are for the creation of a data file only.  This file may need to be moved and configured on your organizations server for proper data access, storage, and backup.

To create a new company data file:

1) Double-click on the Connected 11 app icon to launch the program.  If opening Connected for the first time, the Open Connected Company Data File window appears.

NOTE: If you have been using Connected previously, the last company that you were working on will open automatically.  Click Cancel at the logon window when asked for a Log On Name and Password.

2) Select New Company from the File menu, as shown below.

3) Enter a company name in the space provided and choose a destination to save the new file. The New Company File window is shown below for both macOS and PC platforms.


PC (Windows 10/11):

4) After selecting the folder/destination and entering the "File Name", click Save to create the new file.

5) The Connected Log On window will appear if your file was created successfully.  Enter MASTER in the Log On Name field and CONNECTED in the Password field. The fields are case sensitive and the default name/password are all CAPS.

TIP: The software is shipped with the default log on name MASTER and password CONNECTED and can/should be changed.  Reference:  Introduction to Passwords, User Accounts, and Access Privileges

Once successfully logged in to the new company data file, the General Company Information is required before any other settings can be accessed. The required information to proceed is the company name/address and the Fiscal Year.

1) After completing Step #5 above, select File -> Company Setup -> General Setup.

2) In the Company Setup window, add the Company Name and Address under the "Company Details" tab.

3) Once #2 is completed, click the "Accounting Periods" tab to define the fiscal year.  For example if your year is calendar for 2023, add 01/01/23 into the first cell and press tab to complete the other periods.

4) Press ENTER or click Save to update the information.

The Connected Desktop can now be opened by pressing CMND+1 (macOS) or CTRL+1 (Windows PC)

The Setting up the General Ledger section in the General Ledger chapter of the User Guide has detailed information on how to continue the setup of the company.  Access this information as shown in the following screen.

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