What are Analysis Codes

The use of Analysis Codes can help to categorize items, customers, vendors, and/or jobs.  Virtually all ledger/query windows, custom lookup, and/or reports will have a filter to specify an Analysis Code.  In some cases, two can be specified.  For example all customers with a specific code showing all sales for items with a specific code.

Analysis Codes, when configured, create a custom pop-up list and can be assigned to Primary Records.

Some examples of how Analysis Codes can be used are:

Customers    (Separate customer types/levels/commission rates)

Inventory      (Distinguish between product lines)

Vendors        (Separate vendors by discount levels/types/approval rating)

Sales             (Assign specific invoices a Sales analysis for grouping)

How to Set Up Analysis Codes

Analysis Codes are defined and managed in one central window that is accessed from the Company Setup menu as show in the following screen:

Each Analysis Code added can be used for a single window such as Customers only, or for all areas (Customers, Vendors, Items, Jobs).  A code will show up in all windows that are checked in setup, so it is advisable to ensure that using the same code in different areas will not be confusing for reporting purposes.

For example, the code "DEAL" could be created and assigned to both customers and vendors. Although this code will never combine customers and vendors on a report, it can be used in both places to remove possible duplication.  

The Analysis Code field is optional when adding a customer, vendor, inventory item, or job.  Selection is from a pop-up list so only values that have been setup can be used.  

Below is an example of the Analysis Code setup window.  Checking the boxes in the For use with section will then make that code available in that area for selection. 

To print a list of Analysis Codes and see which areas they have been assigned to, click the Print Icon in the window to generate the following report:

Filtering/Reporting Using Analysis (Category) Codes

Using Find and Analysis Codes in Data Windows

The option to filter on-screen and report data easily using Analysis Codes is available in a number of different windows in Connected.

Below is an example of the Find function using the Analysis Code in the Customers window.   This will show the first customer that has the Analysis Code entered, and a user can move through the records using the back/forth arrows.  The Vendors window find functions in a similar way.

Using Analysis Codes as Filters for On Screen Information/Reports

An example of a report screen in Connected where Analysis Codes can be used to filter information on the go is the Sales Ledger.   Below two codes are used for invoices, PARTS and SERV.  This information can be filtered and sorted on screen, drilled down for detail, and exported/printed.  

Here is an example of how to filter customer invoices in the Sales Ledger using Analysis Codes.

Using Analysis Codes for Reports

A number of reports in Connected can be filtered before printing/exporting.   Below is an example of the Inventory Valuation Report with an Analysis Code filter.