Customize the Look and Feel of Connected

Modified on Mon, Nov 20, 2023 at 1:54 PM

This article gives some examples of how a user can customize the look and feel of Connected.

There are a number of different ways to customize screens, fonts, default screens, and sorting options in Connected. 


User Preferences

All users can customize overall settings for themselves in Connected.  To do this, go to the Preferences menu as shown below.


1: Startup Place

In this drop down a user can select what window they would like to be the default window showing when they log into Connected. Common choices for users include A/R Customer Query, A/R Sales Order Ledger,

I/C Inventory Item Query, and A/P Purchase Orders Ledger.

2: Default Popup-list Sort

This setting will auto sort all "Quick Find" pick lists using the Name/Description vs the code assigned.  For example, rather then sort the "Quick Find" Customer list by Customer No, it can be sorted by default by Customer Name. 

This setting is very useful for Quick Find lists for Items, Customers, or Vendors, especially in cases where numeric codes are used.

3: Use Large Fonts (Windows OS only)

Checking this box will increase the size of the fonts a user sees in Connected.

Other ways to control font size on Windows: Adjusting/Fixing Font DPI Settings

4: Connected Window Color Themes

Selecting a color theme in this list, will change all windows in Connected to that theme. This is a user-specific setting and does not change it for anyone else.

Window-Specific Preferences

A user can set different color themes in individual windows within Connected.  This can be used to visually identify when a user is in a specific window/module.  

Connected Desktop Button Color

By default, the buttons in the Connected Desktop screen are colored by function, as explained below:

Blue = Ledger/Query Windows (Inquiry/List Windows)

Green = Data Entry Screens

Yellow = Action Windows that can affect large groups of data (Caution)

Red = Posting/Voiding

To change the Connected Desktop to use theme color buttons, click the paint drop icon in the top left.

Select to use "Theme Colored Buttons".

Once selected all buttons in the Connected Desktop will be a single color to match the current window theme. 

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