The Software Subscription Trap

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Whatever Happened to Choices with Accounting Software?

In today's digital age, accounting and ERP software has become an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. "Accounting Software" does a lot more than just simple general ledger and financials. Small and mid-sized (SMBs) rely on these tools to streamline their finances, boost accuracy, manage customers and contacts, analyze sales data, track and trace inventory, and amp up productivity.

However, a troubling trend in the software world is shaking things up. Limited choices, forced subscriptions, tiered pricing, and data metering are squeezing flexibility and cost control from your business.

The Rise of Forced Subscriptions

It almost seems like a story from Star Wars. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, software would be purchased and it was owned in a perpetual license. With a perpetual license a business could chose to pay for technical support, additional services, and/or periodic software updates.

In recent years, accounting software has gone subscription-crazy and certain platforms now force businesses to pay monthly/annual fees just for access to their platform, without any other options. Subscriptions work well, in some cases, as long as there is choice. Choice seems to have vanished to that far away galaxy.

For many SMBs, subscriptions can tax their budget, especially when annual price increases are applied. Forced subscriptions can also limit financial flexibility, leaving you questioning which software fits your budget.

The lack of choice has many business owners and managers asking - can we just buy a software license and not have to be perpetual fees?  Probably the bigger question is: What happens to our data if we want to stop paying the subscription?  This is a situation that we often refer to as the "cloud trap".

Tiered Pricing: Pay More for Essentials

Here's another twist: Tiered Pricing. Most people know this well, even with the simplest applications - Does the "freemium" model ring a bell?  Pricing is offered at different levels, sometimes starting at free, each unlocking more features. This often means that single must-have feature is locked behind pricier plans forcing a business to pay more for one feature.   

For SMBs on a tight budget, this can be a headache. Paying for bloated unused features causes frustration, especially when essential functions are locked behind the pricier plan. This strategy limits choice and forces a business to pay much more than the platform is worth to them, and for features they don't want or need.

Forced Cloud-Based Services: The Loss of Control

Cloud-based software is all the rage for its convenience. In certain situations, it offers an excellent alternative to traditional local network installs. However, some providers are taking it to the extreme by making cloud services mandatory with no more on-premise or local installations.

Being forced to the cloud isn't right for every business and it is not the only answer. When a business loses control of their financial information, this is a serious problem. Having a choice is always the best, especially when it comes to sensitive financial information.

Again, this leaves some business owners and managers asking - Can we just buy a software license and not have to pay perpetual fees?

How Does the Connected Accounting and ERP Platform Help?

The simple answer: We offer choices so that the right model is matched with the right business.

Choosing the Connected Accounting and ERP Platform offers choice.

Install subscription free on local desktops/networks with macOS and/or PC clients. Connected supports the latest Windows 11 and macOS Sonoma releases.  Some may refer to this as "the good old days".


Subscribe to our Connected on Demand cloud SaaS service and enjoy worry free setup and access to our first class cloud platform. Access anywhere/anytime with an Internet connection. No servers, no client side installs, and no backups to maintain.

The choice is yours.  Need help deciding which option is best for your business?  Contact us today.

Is your company or your clients considering changing Accounting and/or ERP systems?

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Our flagship platformConnected Enterprise, may be just the right fit for your team in either a cloud (subscription) or perpetual desktop deployment. Connected Core Financials, typically for 1-5 users only, is also available in perpetual desktop or cloud (subscription) models. 

Complete a business software Needs Analysis today.

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