Myths of Changing Accounting Software - Part 4

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The "Myths of Changing Accounting Software" is a four part blog series that looks at common myths when changing accounting and/or ERP systems. Each post will feature a discussion on a specific myth.

Our first post in this series, Myths of Changing Accounting Software: Part 1 discussed the risks associated with using older, outdated software, and outlined the benefits of upgrading or starting fresh.

The second segment, Myths of Changing Accounting Software: Part 2 focused on the importance of a solid plan to migrate from an old system to a new one, and how working with a company that has experience in all sizes of migrations and industries can reduce both the time required, and the stress.

In Myths of Changing Accounting Software: Part 3 we looked at how having old data can bog down a company from working efficiently, and examined how a data conversion to a new software is an opportunity for a company to streamline their data and their processes.  

For our final segment in the series, we will be looking at concerns companies have around staff transitioning to a new system, and how focusing on Change Management that involves everyone is the best approach.

Myth 4 - Our Staff Will Not be Able to Adjust

Changing accounting software is a significant undertaking for any organization, and one of the most common objections or roadblocks is concern about staff adapting to a new system and process.  Effective change management is crucial to ensure a smooth transition for all staff members.

  • Map out what the impact on different roles in the organization would be.
  • Review existing procedures with staff member involvement and ensure they are included in any changes.
  • Appreciate that not everything needs to change all at once, and prioritize what needs to versus what can wait.

  • Keep an open door to any staff member who may want to discuss or have concerns about the upcoming changes and how it affects their role.
  • Regularly update all staff on the progress of the software changeover, including key dates and milestones.
  • Discuss the goals and benefits of the changes being implemented, in specific ways that relate to their own positions, and concerns.

  • Don't overcomplicate things. Focus on how each staff members daily tasks will change, and which ones will stay the same.
  • Pay attention to the most critical aspects first, assuring staff that the rest will come with practice and exposure.
  • Be prepared to note areas that will need additional modification or process adjustments and come back to them after the initial implementation has passed.  

  • Training material is often available and specific to tasks
  • Targeted training sessions for your company and staff are great ways to hone in on certain processes unique to a company.
  • Ensuring staff get time to adjust with the right support will go a long way in helping them feel more comfortable.

How Does Accountek Help?

Accountek has a team of professional accountants and technical experts who will help you every step of the way.  We have over 30 years of change management experience and can help you set up your company, and your staff, for success.

Is your company or your clients considering changing Accounting and/or ERP systems?

Our flagship platformConnected Enterprise, may be just the right fit for your team in either a cloud (subscription) or perpetual desktop deployment.  Connected Core Financials, typically for 1-5 users only, is also available in perpetual desktop or cloud (subscription) models. 

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