Myths of Changing Accounting Software - Part 3

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The "Myths of Changing Accounting Software" is a four part blog series that looks at common myths when changing accounting and/or ERP systems. Each post will feature a discussion on a specific myth.

Our first post in this series, Myths of Changing Accounting Software: Part 1 discussed the risks associated with using older, outdated software, and outlined the benefits of upgrading or starting fresh.

In Part 2,  Myths of Changing Accounting Software: Part 2 we took a look at the migration process and discussed how proper planning and time spent on the details would help make your migration successful.

In Part 3 we will talk about how companies can benefit from a data conversion by using that as a reason to clean up old data and move forward with a fresh start in a new system.


Myth 3 - Our Data is Old and We Have so Much

Over the years most companies accumulate large amounts of data in various areas of their accounting systems: Inventory items, customer sales history, vendor purchases, customers, and vendors. Having this amount of data, much of which is likely no longer valid, can pose a major roadblock to converting to a new software platform. Cleaning up old  data is sometimes likened to cleaning out the garage or storage container.

Migrating information from an old or legacy accounting system can be difficult and nerve-wracking. This is why data conversion/migration is often one of the top concerns when making a software change.  However, the process of "data clean up" is actually very positive and can help reverse old setup decisions and sharpen future reporting options.

A data conversion/migration can be:

  • An opportunity to clean up old data and remove inactive records like customers, items, and vendors. 
  • A great time to make some decisions about how much data is really needed for day-to-day operations
  • Used to examine existing processes and evaluate whether efficiencies can be gained with a change in information flow


How Does Accountek Help?

Accountek specializes in data migrations and are experts in working with large databases. We work closely with our customers through all the stages of a migration, and provide expert services to understand, identify, and clean up old data.

We have developed tools and processes over 30 years of migration experience that help make the process smoother, efficient, and successful.

Let us help you work through your old data and focus on the goal - a fresh start in a new system.

Is your company or your clients considering changing Accounting and/or ERP systems?

Accountek has a team of experts with over 30 years experience in system onboarding, data migrations, and a wide variety of specific industry applications.  Our flagship platformConnected Enterprise, may be just the right fit for your team.

Complete a business software Needs Analysis today.

Or just call us!  1-888-678-5856

Don't miss the next instalment of this blog series: Myth #4 - "Our staff will not be able to adjust"

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