Accounts Receivable: Customer Aging

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The Customer Aging report shows the outstanding aged balances for each customer in summary totals or by invoice detail.  Each customer will have their total balance, as well as a breakdown of that balance in the current 30, 60, and 90 day classifications, or by the periods specified in the A/R Defaults window.

This report is commonly used for two reasons:

  1. To generate a list for collection purposes. For example, the report can be set to view only the customers that have unpaid invoices older than 60 or 90 days.  Use the invoice selection option on this screen to generate this report.
  2. For month or year-end reconciliation. Using the backdated report option is quite useful for generating an aged listing to use for reconciliation purposes.

The Customer Aging Report appears as shown in the following screens:

Report Types

There are 5 different report types to choose from:

  • A Summary report will print one line per customer with a single total and also include the customer's payment terms, default contact, credit limit, and phone number.  Selected the Condensed checkbox will print only one line per customer with a single total.
  • A Detailed report provides a list of all the outstanding invoices, credit memos, and unapplied miscellaneous receipts. To display the partial payments received against outstanding transactions select the Payment Info checkbox after Detailed has been selected. 
  • A History report provides a list of all posted transactions for that customer.  All invoices are included by default and the checkbox Payment info can be selected to include all payments.
  • The Backdated option will print the aging report as of a specific date that includes all open transactions at that time.  Enter the date in the field provided to backdate the report to.  Select the "Include Invoice Info" checkbox if you want to include additional info such as the "PO Number", "Job No", and "Sales Rep"
  • Select Back Dated Summary if you want to print the report backdated without all of the invoice details.  Select the Condensed checkbox to show a single line per customer.

TIP: The Customer Aging report has a special flattened export version that can be sent to spreadsheet and text file only.  This version does not have totals or subtotals and includes additional columns such as "Due Date", "Rep Code", "Customer Analysis Code", "A/R Account", "Term Code", and "Term Code Description". To generate this flattened export, run the report with the settings selected as shown in the following screen.

Report Filters

  • Customers:  Select All Customers or Range of Customers and enter a range.  If you are preparing the report for a single customer, enter their customer code in the From and To entry fields.
  • Analysis Codes:  Customers with Analysis Codes can be used to filter a specific set of customers for a particular category, if analysis codes are being used.
  • Sales Reps: Range of sales reps allows a specific range or individual sales rep code to be entered and will produce a report that contains all outstanding invoices for each customer belonging to a specific sales rep or range of sales reps.  When a range of sales reps is requested, each sales rep receives a report of outstanding balances by customer, with page breaks at the start of each rep.  This report can be useful if you want the sales reps to follow up customers for collection purposes.
  • Invoice Selection: Select either All Invoices or Invoices older than __ days and enter the number of days. The second selection is useful if you want to see a list of the customers with the oldest outstanding invoices. Use this feature to generate a collection "Hot List".
  • Sorting Options:  The report can be sorted by Customer Code, Customer Name, or by A/R Control Account. Sorting by the A/R Account can benefit the reconciliation process in situations where there is more than one A/R General Ledger account in use.

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