Sales: Customer Item History Report

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The Customer Item History report generates a list of all items purchased by each customer. The report will show each customer with a list of items purchased and includes the quantity, sales value, and optionally the cost. Alternatively, the report can show each item with all the customers units and sales figures listed below the item.

This report is somewhat unique because it allows both an item and a customer analysis code to be specified at the same time while also specifying a date range of invoice details.

The Customer Item History Report appears as shown in the following screens:

Report Types


Although there is not a "Report Type" selection, each of the reports "Sort Options" generates a different report type.

  • The Customer Code sort will generate a report that lists customers and the Items that were purchased in both units and dollars.  Selecting "Total Weight" and/or "Total Cost" will add additional columns to the report.
  • The Sales Rep sort will add an additional layer and list in the customer sales Data below the sales rep which was used on the invoice.  When sort by "Sales Rep" is used, the option to start a "new page by sales rep" is available so rep sales data can be separated.
  • The Sales Volume sort will display customer sales data sorted by sales dollars, with the highest sales in dollars appearing first.
  • The Item No sort will invert the "Customer Code" version and list each item, with the customers that it was sold to, in units and dollars.  This report type will also enable the "Total Qty by Month" options. When selected the report will cover a period of one year.  Enter the year start date and the end date will be filled in automatically.  The report will display the total quantity of the goods purchased for each of the twelve periods within a year.  A flattened export version that does not include totals or subtotals is also available to make spreadsheet analysis easier. To run this report type, use the settings shown in the following screen:

Report Filters

  • Other Options: Choose from the following options, dependent on the report sort/type selected.  Choose to IncludeTotal Weight or Include Total Cost.  If the Rep Code was selected as a sort option, the checkbox for Page by Rep can be selected so each sales rep's report information starts on a new page.  If the Item No report sort option was selected, choose the "Total Quantity by month" which is explained in the previous section.
  • Customers: Choose from All customers or Range of customers and enter a range.  If you are preparing the report for a single customer, enter their customer code in the From and To entry fields.  Range of sales reps or a single sales rep code range.  Customers with Analysis Code and enter a code.
  • Items: Choose from All Items, Items No (numbered) and enter a range, or Item with Analysis Code and enter a code.

           TIP: The Customer Item History report can be filtered by both a customer AND inventory analysis code.

  • Dates: Choose from All Dates, a specific Date Range or choose from one of the convenient preset options in the date menu.

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