NOTE: The following article describes features available only in Connected 10.3 or greater.

The Reminder function in Connected lets users record reminders against specific records.  For example, one time or recurring reminders can be created against a Customer or a specific customer Invoice.  Reminders can be set in all windows that support Connected Notes, which are virtually in all screens in Connected.

"Reminders" (legacy) and reminder "Notifications" are located under the File menu. The legacy "Reminders" is a stand alone window for simple accounting related reminders without a relationship to a transaction or a record.  Reminder "Notifications" are to open and view a list of all reminders with various details, including a description and hyper link to the transaction or record.

Simply put, "Reminder Notifications" is a window to view, snooze and dismiss all overdue, current, and future reminders.   The actual reminders that appear, are all created via the Connected Notes, as explained in the following sections.

  • Users will only see reminders and hyperlinks for those areas/screens that they have access to.
  • Reminders can be snoozed or dismissed.
  • Reminders are specific to a user.
  • The details of a Reminder can be printed from both the Reminder Notification Window, and from the actual reminder in the Notes window.

To learn how Connected Reminders can be used, several examples are explained below.

Reminder Notification Window

The Reminder Notification window can be opened at anytime while using Connected and will appear after the Logon window, if there are current and/or overdue reminders. The Reminder Notifications window uses color coded clock icons to indicate overdue 
(red) current (green) and future (blue).

The "Current" tab is shown in the following screen with overdue and current reminders. Upcoming reminders can be viewed by clicking the "Future" tab.

Open the Reminder Notifications Window

The Reminder Notification window can be opened in four different ways:

1) Select "Notifications" from the File menu.

2) Use the following fast key combinations:



3) Click the "Reminders" icon in the Connected Desktop window

4) When logging in to Connected, if there are Current or Past Due reminders, the "Reminder Notifications" window will appear automatically.


Copy the Details of a Reminder

When the Reminder Notifications window is open, the details of a reminder can easily be copied by clicking on the reminder in the list and then the copy icon.   Once copied, the text can be be pasted to another location.

Sample of copied text:

California Department of Sales Taxes

Vendor 5004


Review, prepare, and remit monthly sales taxes.

Example 1: Adding A Reminder for a Specific Customer

The following is an example of how to add a reminder to a specific customer.

Locate the Customer using the Find in the Customers window, the Customer Query window (used in this example), or by clicking the Customer hyperlink on a record (Account Invoice, Order...etc)

Reference: Using Connected Query Windows

In the following screenshot, we have highlighted the customer "Sky Deliver Inc" that has a large past due balance.

To add a reminder, click the "Notes" icon while the customer is highlighted, to open Customer Notes for that specific customer

1: Click Add. 

2: In the "Reminder" section add a "Due" date.  Once a date is added, the Note automatically becomes a reminder.

3: Make a "Repeat" selection.  This will default to "Non-repeating" but can be changed by using the pull down menu to select an interval.  If repeating is selected, the number of repeats required can be specified.

4: If Attachments to Notes has been enabled drag or link any files that may be relevant to the the Reminder

Below is an example of a Reminder set to follow up with this Customer in 2 days.

Below is an example of how the Reminder will look in the Reminder Notification Window.  Since it is set to occur in the future, it will show up under the Future tab.

Example 2: Adding A Reminder to a Specific Sales Quote

In this example, the Sales Quotes Ledger is used to identify quotes that are expiring in the next month.  A reminder can help ensure a follow up call/email is made prior to the quote expiring. 

To add a reminder to a selected Sales Quote:

1) Select the Sales Quote you want to add a reminder to,

2) Click the Notes Icon at the top right of the screen.

3) The Notes window for that specific Sales Quote will open.

4) Click the ADD (+) Icon

5) Enter in the details of the reminder, and when done, press the green checkmark to save the note with the reminder.

Since this reminder was set in the future, it will show up in the Future Tab on the Reminder Notification window.

Example 3: Setting A Repeating Reminder

In this example, a repeating reminder is added to a Vendor to review, prepare, and remit monthly sales taxes.

1) Locate the Vendor using the Find in the Vendors window or the Vendor Query window.  

2) Click the Notes icon at the top of the screen.  

3) The Notes window for the Vendor will open.

4) Click add and record the details of the reminder, as shown in the following screen.

In this example, the first occurrence is November 15th, repeating Monthly, with 60 occurrences.

This reminder will now show in the Reminders Notification window under the "Current" (first occurrence is prior to the system date) as overdue.  It will show under the "Future" tab, once the first occurrence is cleared.

Snooze, Dismiss, and Marking Reminders Complete

Snoozing A Reminder

Sometimes a reminder will need to be delayed to a future date.  To move a reminder so it still open but still incomplete, use the "Snooze" option.  Reminders can be snoozed for a number of days, weeks, or months into the future.

To Snooze a reminder:

1) Select the reminder to be snoozed from the Reminder Notification window.

2) Fill in the desired information at the bottom. In this example, this reminder is being snoozed for 1 month.

3) When done entering the snooze information, press the Snooze button. The reminder will now move from the Current tab, to the Future Tab.  

NOTE: If the snooze interval did not push the date past the current system date, the reminder will still appear under the "Current" tab as either current or overdue.

Dismissing a Reminder/Marking Complete

When a reminder is dismissed, it is also marked as complete.  If a reminder is dismissed in error, the original can always be opened, edited, and reset so the reminder is no longer completed.

To dismiss a reminder, marking as complete, highlight it in the "Reminder Notifications" window and click "Dismiss", as shown in the following screen.

The reminder will now show as Completed in the Notes window with a dark gray icon.

NOTE:  Once a reminder is marked as "Completed" it will no longer show in the Reminder Notifications window.

If the reminder was dismissed by mistake, click Modify on the Note and uncheck the "Completed" checkbox.   Once the note is saved, the reminder will be open again and the color will change to green, red, or blue depending on the due date.