Quick Notes for Adding Files and Short Notes

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Note: The following article pertains to Connected Version 10.3 or greater. 

Quick Notes are a fast and convenient way to add or link files to the corresponding records in Connected.  For example, adding a copy of a customer purchase order to their sales order or a detailed drawing for an item to be manufactured.  

Quick Notes are an extension of the very popular Attaching Files and Documents feature, which is done using Connected Notes.

The following sections explains how Quick Notes works:

Which Windows Support Quick Notes?

How to set up Quick Notes

Using Quick Notes

    Example: Adding a Quick Note to a Customer Invoice

    Example: Using Drag and Drop to Add Multiple Files in a Single Quick Note

Which Windows Support Quick Notes?

Connected Notes, including "Quick Notes" are available in virtually every single screen, with the exception of setup windows. The follow lists all supported windows:

General Ledger: Accounts, General Journal, and Bank Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable: Customers, Account Invoices, Credit Memos, Quick Invoices, Debit Memos, Sales Orders, Sales Quotes, and Receipts

Accounts Payable: Vendors, Purchases, Expense Reports, Payments, and Purchase Orders

Inventory Control: Inventory Items, Lot/Serial Numbers, Manufacture, Receivings/Withdrawals, and Transfers

Job Costing: Jobs, Job Phases, Timesheets, and Estimates

Connected Desktop/Report Center: Company Notes

How to set up Quick Notes

Quick Notes requires no setup.  Connected Notes and "Quick Notes" are available in all screens listed above and are there by default. However, to use Quick Notes and link files, the Attaching Files and Documents feature must be enabled.  The Notes feature can be enabled/disabled in every screen, via user privileges.

TIP:  If the Notes icon is not visible in one of the listed windows, contact your system Admin as your user privileges may have been disabled for Notes in that screen.

Using Quick Notes

Quick Notes are an amazing time saver and can really speed up the adding of notes, especially when files are being included.

There are two ways to enter a Quick Note.

  1. Right click on the Notes icon in any of the supported windows and enter the text of a note and/or select/drag and drop a file.
  2. Drag and drop a single file or a folder with multiple files directly on the Notes Icon.  Word/Excel/PDF files, to name a few, are all supported.

Example: Adding a Quick Note to a Customer Invoice

In the following example, a Quick Note is being added to the customer invoice by right clicking the Notes icon.  Once the Quick Note opens, the Payment Advice pdf file is dragged into the note and a brief description is added.

The following "Adding Quick Note" window appears.

Drag and Drop a file into the attachments or use the + icon to locate the file manually.  Add a description of the file, as needed.  NOTE:  A file does not need to be added to a Quick Note.

Press ENTER or click Save to complete the Note.  The following screen shows how the Quick Note will appears in the Notes window for the Invoice.

Example: Using Drag and Drop to Add Multiple Files in a Single Quick Note

In this example, a Quick Note can be added with multiple files by dragging a folder directly on top of the Notes icon.   Connected will automatically open the Quick Note window with all files attached.

TIP: Although the example below uses a Customer Order, this feature is great for Expense Reports and Purchase Orders.

Below is an example of an expense report that does not currently have a note on it.

The following "Quick Note" window appears with all files from the folder ready to be attached.  Add a brief description, as required, and click ENTER or Save to complete and attach all files to the Order Notes.

The following screen shows how the Quick Note will appears in the Notes window for the Sales Order, including the 4 files attached with a simple drag and drop action.

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