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There are certain documents that may need to be sent in a group (aka batch) versus one at a time.  Connected has taken traditional reports that were used for printing large batches of documents, like invoices, and updated them to support delivery by email.

The following reports currently support this feature:

  • A/R Invoices
  • Customer Statements
  • Payment Advices (Vendor)

All batch email, within a report, works the same way.  An example of how to batch email customer invoices is explained in the following section.

Batch Email of Customer Invoices

1) Open the Invoices report screen.

2) Choose "Email" from the Send to drop down menu, as shown in the following screen.

3) Make a Customer and Invoices selection.

4) Choose to include both "Account Invoices" and/or "Credit Memos".  Quick Invoices and Debit Memos cannot be emailed using this method.

5) Choose an invoice State by selecting "Unsent only" or "Both sent/unsent".  Once the email message has been created for an invoice, the "Email Delivery" check box in the Account Invoices and Credit Memos window will display "Email Delivery sent". If the invoice is modified the check box is disabled and cannot be changed.

NOTE: For an Invoice to qualify for the batch email send, it must have the "Email Delivery" checkbox selected in the Invoice window, as shown below.  This can be enabled by default, for a customer, in the Customers window.

6) Choose to generate emails for Posted or Unposted invoices.

7) Click the Print Now button to open the following Email Preview window which will list all the invoices to be sent.

8) Any of the invoices being sent can be viewed by clicking the invoice number hyperlink under the "PDF Attachment" heading. This will open a PDF copy of the invoice to preview.

9) Click in a cell below the heading "Recipients" to open the Contacts window for that customer and select or change email addresses.

10) Select an email Template from the pull down menu in the bottom left. If one is not available, it can be added or edited on the fly.

11) If specific invoices are not to be sent, uncheck the checkbox under the "send" column on the right side of the window.

12) Select the "For each message sent add note to invoice with email details" checkbox, in the top right, to log a note of the email text. If "File Attachments to Notes" has been enabled and configured, a copy of the invoice sent will also be linked to the note.

13) When completed, click the Send Message button to generate individual email messages with the default email client or Cancel to abort.

Reference: Connected 11 System Requirements (Email Applications)

A sent message will show the following indications in the Invoice window:

Account Invoice Window:

Email in the Notes window (if selected):

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