Disabling Write Caching on Windows 7/8/10 

Write caching should be disabled on all Windows clients that access Connected.  Use the following instructions to disable write caching.

This is applicable for the following Connected PC Versions:

-Connected 10.x

-Connected 8.x

-Connected 7.x

-Connected 6.x

This is not applicable for macOS.

To disable write behind caching:


1. Locate the C: drive on your computer

2. Right click on the C: drive and select Properties.

3. Click the "Hardware" tab, as shown in the following screen.


4. Click on your hard drive in the list and then click the Properties button in the bottom right of the screen (shown above) to open the following window.



5. Click the Change Settings  button (shown above) in the bottom left of the window to open the drive properties.  Click the Policies tab to show the following screen. 


6. Make sure that the “Enable write caching on the device” check box is Not selected.

7. Click OK to complete the changes.