Connected 11.0 Change Log

Modified on Fri, Oct 27, 2023 at 4:09 PM

02/24/2023 - The following is a list of improvements and changes made in the Connected Accounting and ERP Software, version 11.0.  Connected 11 is a 64-bit application that can be deployed on macOS and/or Windows platforms. Connected 11 runs as a native application on Apple M series chips (M1, M2..etc).

Connected 11.0 System Requirements

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Connected 11 Changes (click heading below to view specific changes):

System Wide

Modern UI for Screens and new "Themes"

-All screens and report windows have been updated with new modern aesthetic

-New themes can be applied to specific windows or system wide

-New focus ring on PC to show the active field

-Connected Notes window redesigned to better support display of notes, emails, record info, and tasks

Custom Form Editor Enhancements and UI

-Connected form editor updated and modernized with new easy to use interface

-larger views with easier access to field controls

-Learn more about the Connected 11 Form Editor 

Schedule Tasks and/or Reminders for Other Users

-Tasks/reminders can now be assigned to other users

-easily check tasks assigned to your user account or tasks assigned by you to others

My Reports Markup

-Markup and add notes to reports that support "My Reports" output

-Highlight lines, bold text, italicize text, color text, add notes to lines

-Learn more about My Reports

Copy/Paste Current Transaction Info

-new option to copy and paste the displayed record info in the top left of all transactions


-create "snippets" for commonly used text

-great way to populate Notes or Reminders with common text strings like "Follow up on past due Invoice"

General Ledger and Financials

Trial Balance Report Improvements

-new option to run the report for prior years

-new option to run Detailed report up until a specific day within a period

Account Description

-General Ledger Account description has been increased from 30 to 40 characters

Sales and Receivables

Customer Surcharges

-New option to assess a surcharge to a customer

-Customers and/or items can be excluded

-Surcharge is below the invoice subtotal and can be taxed

-Surcharge can have default percentage and be changed as needed

-Excellent for adding freight surcharges and/or passing on credit card payment fees to customers

-Click the link below to learn more

Learn More About Customer Surcharges ->

Customer Profile - Custom Fields with Controlled Lists

-New options for controlled lists and making fields "required" for customer custom fields

-New formatting strings for currency, comma placement, decimals, prefix, or suffix in numeric custom fields

Customer Profile - Multiple Web Addresses

-New link manager for customer web addresses

-Define multiple links and order them in priority

-Great for customers with multiple domains or for special portal url's required for invoice submission

Sales and Receivables Reporting Changes

-Customer Sales History report converted to the modern report framework

-Invoices report converted to modern report framework.  Learn how to use Invoices report to email groups of invoices: Batch Email Invoices

-Packing Slip report converted to modern report framework

Custom Line Item Fields (Invoices)

-Option to enable Invoice Custom Line Item fields when using Core Financials only

-Use up to 11 custom fields per line (6 alphanumeric, 2 numeric, 2 date, 1 comment)

-Each custom field can be "Required" and also support a controlled user defined list

-Custom line item fields can be added to the printed Invoice form layout

Orders and Quotes

Scanning to Build and Validate Lot/Serial Controlled Items on Sales Orders

-Scan and allocate lot/serial numbers for picked order quantities

-Quickly scan serial numbers for products on order to allocate to correct item/serial number combinations

Learn More: Bar Code Scanning of Lot/Serial Numbers for Outbound Order

Custom Line Item Fields (Quotes/Orders/Invoices)

-Option to enable Custom Line Item fields within Sales Quotes and Sales Orders

-Use up to 11 custom fields per line (6 alphanumeric, 2 numeric, 2 date, 1 comment)

-Each custom field can be "Required" and also support a controlled user defined list

-Custom line item fields transfer from the Quote to Order and from the Order to the Invoice when shipped

-Custom line item fields can be added to the Sales Order, Sales Quote, Packing Slip, and Invoice forms for

Block Modification of a Sales Order

-Connected will now alert a user that a Sales Order is already being edited if they also attempt to edit the same record. This will be helpful when a large amount of users are all working within Sales Orders and cause less disruption on record collisions.

Purchasing and Payables

Specify Post Date

Details Coming Soon

Purchases and Payments Batch Number Posting

-post purchases and/or payments by batch number

-great for isolating entries by person or by type

-Learn More: Purchase and Payment Batch Number Posting

1099 NEC Changes

-Added support for 1099 NEC 3 part form (completed in Jan 2022, available as patch)

-Added new flattened export for 1099 NEC and 1099 MISC to assist with electronic filing

EFT Payments

-Expanded Vendors EFT "Account Number" to 25 characters to acomodate large international account numbers

-Added new "IBAN No" (International Bank Account Number) field to Vendor EFT details

Purchase Order Window - Export

-New flattened export option for Purchase Order

-Can be useful to verify long PO's and/or to send a file to an external vendor that compliments the PO printed/PDF form

Purchasing and Payables Report Changes

-Expected Shipments report converted to modern report framework

-Overdue Shipments report converted to modern report framework

-Vendor Item History report converted to modern report framework

-Payments Journal report converted to modern report framework

Expense Reports

Import from Credit Cards or Transaction List

-Create custom expense code mapping file.

-Import credit cards or other expense transactions.

-Learn more: Importing Credit Cards as Expense Reports

Expense Report Spreadsheet Export

-Created new flattened Expense Report window spreadsheet export

-When exported to spreadsheet, the following columns will be included (left to right):  Expense Date, Expense Code, Description, Amount, Mileage Rate, Miles/km, Tax Code, Tax 1 Amount, Tax 2 Amount, Payable, Expense GL Account No, Expense GL Account Description, Job No, Job Name, Job Phase Code, Job Phase Name

Expense Report Print Window Report

-Print window has new option to print a single line of Description per expense line

-User is prompted on Print for single line 

Additional Expense Report Improvements

-Removal of Currency field when Multiple Currencies on

-Window resize from left to right expands the Description field

-Negative Expense Report lines, as long as total is positive, including "Add from Import" support

-Negative lines appear on screen and print in red

Inventory and Manufacturing

Inventory and Manufacturing Report Changes

-I/C Sales Analysis: added new flattened export.  Added "Long Item No" field and Custom Inventory fields to export version of report.

 -I/C Demand: Added "Customer Code", "Customer Name", and "PO Number" (from customer SO), to existing IC Demand report for Sales Order lines.  Printer/Screen/PDF/Text File/Spreadsheet support the new fields.   

-I/C Demand: Added “Vendor Code” and “Vendor Name” for Purchase Order Lines. Text File and Spreadsheet outputs support the new fields.

-I/C Inventory Movement converted to modern report framework.

-I/C Inventory Movement: Added new field for the current "On Hand Qty" when running the "Usage Summary" report type

-I/C Manufacture converted to modern report framework

Importing and Data Exchange

Invoice/Credit Memo Import

-Invoices/Credit Memos now includes the “Web Order No” field

-Web Order No has been added in position (40), at the end of the import.

-When importing, “Invoice No” – position (2), can be left blank with the “Web Order No” – position (40), being populated. The next available invoice number, based on the Connected auto counter, will be assigned and the value from external system would be in the “Web Order No” field.

-This change is consistent with the Sales Order import, which can be used in a similar way.

Data Exchange Enhancements

-Support for default CSV format in export jobs

-New IC Cost Layers export option

-Modify Sales Order export to select current currency rate from current table, at the time the export is generated

-Expand user defined custom fields on export to 50

Maintenance and Fixes

0004484: [A/R] Issue found and fixed that caused the export of the Customer Item Info (customer specific pricing) to mislabel the "List Price" and "Unit Price" columns.

0004241: [I/C] Issue resolved in Inventory Item Query window in which the "Start Over" option did not put columns in proper order.

0004358: [A/R] Fixed issue that caused Price Matrix labels, if in use, to not appear in the Customer Query Window

0004400: [Reports] Resolved issue in which location fields in reports using the modern framework did not show a pop-up list

0004404: [I/C] A problem was found and fixed that caused a Reverse Manufacture to generate an error.

0004423: [Reports] An issue was resolved from the use of illegal characters ( "/","\",":") when saving reports that caused various issues

0004430: [A/R] PDF Output: Account Invoices, Sales Orders, and Vendor Aging PDF Output Fails

0004466: [A/P] Expense report. If Vendor is put on HOLD, can still add an expense report for this Vendor

0004484: [A/R] Customer Item Info - Spreadsheet report only Columns are mislabelled

0004550: [A/R] Sales Analysis Code not showing on Customer Invoice Analysis Report Excel Export

0004585: [G/L] An issue was found in fixed that caused the General Journal window, Account Line Description, to be blocked from edit when switching company data files.

0004492: [macOS] Issue resolved in which macOS could not print to Preview without getting an error message.  Print to PDF Error - macOS Monterey workaround is no longer required.

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