Customer Item Info Import

Modified on Tue, 11 May 2021 at 02:09 PM

Customer Item Info data can be imported to add new or update existing data.  This can be helpful to add or update customer item info to a large group of customers.  The Customer Item Info Import supports Connected's modern import framework and allows custom field mapping and import preview.

To access the Customer Item Info Import, select Import from the File menu and choose Customer Item Info.  The following screen will appear.

NOTE: Import file must be formatted as a tab delimited text file.

TIP: Click the icon, as shown below, to export an import template with field names and definitions.

The import file needs to contain the following information:

  1. Customer Code - required; Valid Connected customer code. 
  2. Inventory Item Number - required; Valid Connected item number.
  3. Customer Item Number - 40 character max 
  4. Customer Item Descriptions) - 256 characters max, if left blank in import file, current I/C Inventory Item description is used
  5. Unit Price - must be a positive number  
  6. Effective Date -price effective date; must be prior to the expiry date (if also being imported) MM/DD/YY format
  7. Expiry Date - price expiry date; must be subsequent to effective date (if also being imported) MM/DD/YY format

NOTE: The same item code cannot be assigned to a customer more than once.NOTE: Import file must be formatted as a tab delimited text file.

Special Character Handling: Descriptions containing single and double quote characters and carriage returns cannot be imported directly. Using a text editor application, these characters must be removed and substituted with the following strings prior to import. During the import process, the substitute strings will then be replaced with the original characters.  Substitute /dqt/ for double quotes, /sqt/ for single quotes and /rtn/ for carriage returns/line breaks.  The forward slashes must be included.

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