Custom Price Table

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The Custom Price Table sets specific unit prices or percentage discounts per customer per item.   

Price tables are assigned to customer(s) and are the second place that Connected will look for a price on an item to be sold. The price table overrides all other pricing methods except for the Customer Item Info pricing table.  Price tables are best used to assign pricing to a group of customers.  For example "Wholesale" vs "List" pricing.  Any time a price table is updated, it will update the price and/or % discount for all customers that have been assigned that code.

Price tables can be entered manually or imported. Refer to the below link for more information on importing.

Importing Customer Price Tables

NOTE: A selection of Unit Price or % Discount must be made. All price table codes and values will be based on this setting defined in the I/C Defaults setup screen.


Activating Price Tables

To turn on this feature, go to to Company Set up, I/C Defaults as shown below:

You can choose to either use a % Discount or Unit Price.

Entering a Custom Price Table

To enter a custom price table:

1) Select Setup from the I/C menu and choose Price Tables.  The following Price Tables window appears. (This example shows a completed price table entry.

2) Click Add and enter the price table Code, maximum length 5 alpha-numeric characters.

3) Enter the Description for the Price Table Code and press TAB.

4) Enter the Item No (number) or press TAB to select from a pop-up list of items.
5) The item Description will appear automatically
6) Enter % Discount or Price for the item.  Three percent (3.0%) will be entered as 3.00.

7) Repeat steps 4-6 until all items for this Price Table Code have been established.

8) Press ENTER or click the checkmark to save

9) Repeat steps 1 through 7 for any additional Price Tables Codes to be added.

Each Price Table can be printed and/or exported by pointing and clicking on the name in the left pane of the window and selecting the Print icon.

Once the Price Table Code(s) have been established they must be assigned to customer(s) in the Customers window.

Cloning a Price Table

Cloning duplicates an existing Price Table Code.  Select the Price Table Code to be duplicate and click the Clone icon. Enter a new Code and the Description, items and prices will default to the original code.

Assigning a Price Table Code to a Customer(s)

A Price Table cannot be used until it is assigned to a customer for order or invoice entry.  The same Price Table can be assigned to one or many customers.  

To assign a Price Table to a customer:

1) Select Customers from the A/R

2) Use the Find command to locate the customer to which the price table will apply.

3) Click Modify and click into the Price Table field shown in the following screen:

4) Enter the Price Table Code or press TAB or click the list icon to choose from the price table list.

5) Press ENTER to click the checkmark save.

NOTE: When an item is sold to a customer the default selling price will be accessed from the Customer Item Info, then the Price Table code, then from the Price Matrix, and finally from the item selling price specified in the Inventory Items window.

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