General Ledger Imports - Chart of Accounts

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Importing the Chart of Accounts

Use this function to reduce the time entering your chart of accounts or to transfer an existing chart from another software package.

Preparing Connected

Before importing the chart of accounts you must have completed the following:

  • Entered your Company Information in the General Setup screen.
  • Defined your Profit Centers and Departments if appropriate.

There are certain fields that are essential for the import; they are indicated with red labels and show in the following Accounts Import screen.

Preparing the Spreadsheet

Before importing data, you will need to review and prepare your spreadsheet according to the import order and field requirements.  The following reviews the field requirements for the Accounts import.

  1. Account No - Must appear as xxxxx-xx-xx. If Profit Centers and Departments are not active, please ensure that the Account No. appears as xxxxx-00-00. This is a numeric field
  2. Description - Alpha numeric field. Maximum length 30 characters
  3. Category - Select from the following shown in the screen below (case sensitive).  The category labels can be changed from individual company needs and therefore they should be reviewed prior to importing.

NOTE: Make sure that your spreadsheet has been saved as a tab-delimited text.


To import Accounts into the General Ledger:

  1. Select Import from the File menu and choose Accounts. The Accounts Import window appears.
  2. Click Start Import and choose the file that you want to import from the selection window.  If you have not placed it into the same folder as your data file, you will have to navigate through your folders/directories to find it.
  3. A final warning message will appear reminding you to make sure that you have a backup before proceeding.  Click Yes to continue or No to cancel.
  4. When the import is complete, an OK message will appear indicating how many successful records.

Possible Errors

  • Invalid Account No. - Does not match xxxxx-xx-xx
  • Invalid Account No. - Invalid Profit Center code
  • Invalid Account No. - Invalid Department code
  • Invalid category code - (Case sensitive)
    Duplicate Account No.

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