Connected reports can be accessed in three ways:

Connected Desktop

Reports can be accessed from within the Connected Desktop window, based on a user's access privileges. Click the tab for the area in which the reports are required and then use the pull-down menu to select the report.

The following screens show how to access reports from within the Connected Desktop window:

Connected Menus

Reports can also be accessed by using the Connected text menus, based on a user's access privileges. By clicking on the text menu, A/R for example, the Reports option will appear as the very first item.

The following screen shows how to access the A/R Reports from the menu:

My Places

My Places is a window in Connected where a user can save shortcuts to various frequently used reports/ledgers/information.

To add different things to this window, select the Modify icon. The window will change and show any Unused buttons, which can be linked to a number of different windows and reports within Connected for quick access.

Below is an example of how to add the A/P Vendor Aging Report.   A user can:

  • name the button and report anything they want
  • select custom keyboard shortcuts and button colors
  • Change the order and placement of any buttons on the window

Once the My Places window is saved, the new button will show where it was placed.

Add a report to "My Places" also creates a new option under the text menu, as shown in the following screen: