This article introduces you to the report interface and various outputs that are available in Connected.


Report Window Interface

Most Connected reports windows are equipped with a number of additional features, including support for Notes, the ability to change the report window color, and one-click access to My Places.  A sample of the location of these features, using the Customer Aging report, is shown in the following screen:

Report Output Options

Connected reports have several output options: Printer, Screen (default), PDF, Preview (macOS only), Text File, Spreadsheet, Email, Notes, and My Reports

Each of these is explained below, except My Reports.

  • Printer is available for all reports
  • Screen is available for all reports
  • PDF is available for all reports on both macOS and PC.  When the PDF output is selected most reports can optionally be encrypted with a password, as shown in the following screens.  When a password is added, the PDF file cannot be opened unless the correct password is entered.

  • Preview is available for macOS users only and send the report output to the Preview app.
  • Text File is available for all reports. This option will generate a tab delimited text file and prompt the user for a file name and destination to save.
  • Spreadsheet is available for all reports but requires a supported version of Microsoft Excel be available. Please refer to the Connected System Requirements for information on supported versions of Excel.
  • Email is available for select reports, which print forms,  and is used for batch email.   For example, Customer Invoices and/or Statements.  Click for more information on Batch Emailing
  • Notes: If the "Note Attachments" has been enabled in the Company Setup>General Setup window, reports can be attached within the Notes of that report. In this scenario, the PDF file must be encrypted to be saved as a Note.

The report attachment will appear in the report window's Notes, as shown in the following screen.

Any screen, ledger, or query that has a print icon will also produce a "report" that can be printed in various ways. There are also some shortcut options depending on what window is being printed.
For example, a Customer Activity Ledger can be printed (to printer/spreadsheet/screen/PDF).

In the below screenshot, you can see the print outputs available from the Print Icon.  in addition, there is also a shortcut to print an individual customers statement directly from the window.

Here is what a screen print of the Customers Window would look like.