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The Customers Contact feature is an extension of the basic information already stored in the Customers window for billing and shipping.  The Contacts window has two primary functions:  a) Storing and tracking multiple contacts for a single customer, and b) Storing name and email information for addressing email messages or attaching forms, such as invoices and orders, to email messages.

Customer contacts can be accessed anywhere that the customer is present.  For example, if a user is viewing an Account Invoice or Receipt for a particular customer, by clicking on the Email icon, and selecting Open Customer Contacts window, the Contacts window for that specific customer will appear.

The following sections will explain how to open the Contacts window, add a new contact, address an email message to a contact, and generate the Contacts Report.

How to Open the Customer Contacts Window

To open the Customer Contacts window for a customer:

  • Open the Customers window and use the Find command to location the desired customer or use the Find command to location a transaction, such as an invoice or order, for the selected customer.
  • Click the Email Icon and select Open Customers Contacts Window from the drop down menu as shown in the following screen.

  • The window below will then open. This will show all contacts added for a particular customer.

How to Add a Customer Contact

  • Open the Contacts window as described in the previous section.
  • Click Add to begin entering information as shown in the following screen:

  • Enter the following information:
    • A Title or select from the drop down menu.
    • First Name and Last Name of the contact being added. 

                      NOTE: A contact cannot be saved unless a First or Last name is specified.

  • Contact's Job Title
  • Valid Email address.  Connected will verify that the address has a proper format.
  • Any appropriate comments in the space provided.  This field is 1024 characters in size.
  • Select the Use company phone/fax checkbox to use the information from the Details tab of the Customers window.
  • Enter a Phone/Ext/Fax if applicable
  • Press Enter or select the checkmark icon to save the information.

Once the new contact has been saved it will appear in the list in the bottom portion of the window.  To see information for a specific contact click on it with the mouse pointer and the contact specific information will appear in the top half of the window.

How to Use the Contacts Window

The Contacts window is to help gain quick access to customer and vendor contacts.  This window functions in a very similar way to the Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Work order ledger screens.  The window can be used to view a list of all contacts for customers or vendors as well as to perform quick searches on contact names.

It is located under the File menu or by clicking the "Contacts" tab in the Connected Desktop, shown below.

Contacts User Privileges

To gain access to the Contacts window, the user privilege must be enabled under the General tab in the User Privileges window.  

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