Voiding a Customer Payment (Receipt)

Modified on Thu, 03 Aug 2023 at 12:16 PM

There are times when a customer payment is matched against the wrong invoices, entered for the incorrect amount, or even recorded to the wrong customer completely.  When this happens, and the entry is also posted, the Void Receipt feature can be used to quickly undo/reverse the payment while maintaining a complete audit trail.  For example, if you void a customer payment to a specific invoice, once the void is complete, the customers invoice while be open/outstanding so that another payment can be applied. 

Voiding a posted customer payment is typically used in the following situations:

1) A customer payment has been applied to the wrong invoice(s).

2) A customer payment has been posted with the wrong date.

3) A customer payment has been posted against the wrong customer.

4) A customer payment 

To void a customer payment:

1) Open the Receipts window from the AR menu or the AR tab in the Connected Navigator window.

2) Locate the payment you wish to void using the Find option.

3) Click on the Actions, and select “Void Receipt”, as shown in the following screen.  The receipt entry needs to be in open period or the void action cannot be completed. 

4) Review the Warning message and click OK.

5) Verify the transaction to be reversed is correct and click Proceed to complete or Cancel if the incorrect transaction has been selected.

Once the customer payment has been voided the transactions on the original receipt entry  are now available to be applied again.  In addition, there is now a general journal entry that has been posted in Connected reverses the original receipt entry so an audit trail if the original and the void entry is maintained.

NOTE:  If a Miscellaneous Receipt needs to be voided, and that Miscellaneous receipts has been applied.  The application receipt(s) containing that transaction needs to be voided first before the original Miscellaneous Receipt can be voided.

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