Voiding a Vendor Payment

Modified on Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 2:24 PM

It may be necessary to void a single payment (aka check or cheque) after it has been posted  Voiding a payment will automatically re-open the purchase(s) that it was associated with as well as create the appropriate reversing G/L entry.    

NOTE: Since Connected supports multiple bank accounts, it is possible to have the same check numbers issued from different accounts. For this reason, voiding is registered by payment reference number, not check number. Each payment reference number is unique.

Voiding a posted vendor payment is typically used in the following situations:

1) A vendor payment has been applied to the wrong invoice(s).

2) A vendor payment has been posted with the wrong date.

3) A vendor payment has been posted with the wrong check/cheque numbers.

4) A vendor payment has been lost and needs to be re-issued.

To void a single vendor payment: 


1) Find the payment in the Payments window or double click the payment from the Payments Ledger list, as shown in the following screen.

2) Once the Payment is loaded on screen, Select Action -> Void Payment.., as shown in the following screen.

3) Enter the Date of Void.  This is the date that will be attached to the journal entry that is created.  

NOTE: This date does not have to be the original check date but should be whenever possible to avoid backdated reporting inconsistencies.   All purchase(s) paid will revert back to the their original state with the original date, once the void is processed.

4) Press ENTER or click the Review to proceed. A Warning message appears, followed by the "Void Payments" posting window, as shown in the following screen.

NOTE: Voiding a payment performs a posting and therefore works the same as all other Quick Post options in Connected.

5) Review and confirm that the entry is the correct one to be voided.  If the void is correct, click the checkmark icon to Proceed or click the X to Cancel.

6) The following dialog box appears.  Click Yes to continue or No to abort.

7) When voiding is completed the following dialog box will appear. Click OK to finish.

Once the Void is completed the Payment entry and record info will be updated as shown below:

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