Beginning on April 12th, Apple has started to slowly roll out notifications about 32 bit app compatibility, in Mac OS 10.12.4.

When starting Connected, the following message may appear:

"Connected 8.2" is not optimized for your Mac.   

This app needs to be updated by its developer to improve compatibility.

You can click OK and continue to use Connected without any limitations or compatibility issues.  A detailed explanation of the warning can be found at:

What's Next for Connected?

In the Fall of 2018, to coincide with Apple's next Mac OS release, Accountek will be releasing a major update to Connected.   Among many new features and improvements, the next generation of Connected will be a 64bit application with support Retina HD graphics.  Accountek will make the final release of Connected 8.x (v8.3) available to users in late May of 2018.  We have already begun the transition into the next generation of our application and will start posting updates after the WWDC 2018 event in June.