Using and Linking (Attaching) Files to Notes

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Using Window/Transaction Notes

Virtually all Connected screens and transactions can have notes added to them. To add a note, simply click the Notes icon. Notes can be added to posted or unposted transactions.  Each note tracks the date, time, and user that added the note. When a note has been added, the Notes icon changes to include writing on it.

Screen/Transaction without Note:              


Screen/Transaction with Note:            

Adding File Attachments

CONNECTED supports adding file attachments to any entry or screen where Notes are present. Attachments are added via the Notes feature and each attachment can have a unique description.  

When an attachment is added, the file is copied to a designated folder on your server and the attachment can be opened anytime by clicking the hyperlink embedded in the Note. There is no file size or file type limit of the attachments that can be added. However, for a user to open an attachment, they must have the application to view it. For example, if you attached an Excel spreadsheet to an invoice, you would need Excel on your local computer to be able to click the attachment link and open it.

Enabling File Attachments

To enable file attachments and designate a folder for storage:

1) Select Company Setup from the File menu and choose General Setup.

2) Click the Options tab to display the following screen.

3) Select the Allow files to be attached to notes checkbox option. Once selected you will be able to click the Select Attachment Storage Folder button and select the “Storage Folder” for attachments. The storage folder should be a network drive that is shared for all users.

If the folder is not specified, the following message will appear each time a user logs into Connected:

WARNING:  It is very important to review the location and storage of file attachments with your network administrator.  Since files are maintained externally from the Connected data file, they will also need to be backed up separately.  Backing up your Connected data DOES NOT BACKUP THE FILE ATTACHMENTS.

4) Click Save once the folder has been specified to exit the General Company Setup window.

Using File Attachments

Once the folder has been specified for the file attachment location, you can now begin attaching files within the notes on each screen in Connected.

To attach a file:

1) Open the Notes screen in any window.  

2) Click Add and your cursor will be in the “Regarding” field.  Use this field to enter a brief description of the file you wish to attach.  This is not required but recommended.

3) Click the “Add an attachment”  icon and then locate the file that you wish to attach.  You can also delete an existing attachment file by clicking the “Remove an attachment”  icon. Once the attachment has been added, click Save or press ENTER to finish.  The attachment will then be copied to the directory specified on your server.

4) Alternatively, an attachment can be added by dragging and dropping the file into the “Attachments” field in the Notes screen. This is shown in the following screen.

5) When completed, the attachment will appear in the note list with as a hyperlink.  This is shown in the following screen.  

6 ) To view the attachment, simply click the hyperlink and the default application for that file type will open to view.

NOTE: You need to have the related application to view the file type.  For example, to view an Adobe Illustrator file, you would need the Illustrator application to do so.

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