Purchase Orders and Customizable "Workflow" Staging Lists

Modified on Tue, Nov 21, 2023 at 10:10 AM

Connected System Requirements: Version 11.1.00 or greater

The Purchase Orders "Staging" list, when enabled, is a custom list that helps track or tag purchase orders, depending on a predetermined flexible list of values. Some practical real-world examples for how this type of field can be used are:

  • Stages: Requisition, Approved, Partial Receiving, Fully Received, Vendor Invoice
  • Status: Issued, In Production, Shipping Dock, On Water, Port Customs, Land Transit, Exception

This field can be used as a filter in the Purchase Orders Ledger, and a column added to the output.   

Activating the "Staging" Field and Custom Values in Purchase Orders

1. Open the A/P Defaults setup window.  (File -> Company Setup -> A/P Defaults).

2. Select the Purchase Orders tab and select the "Use Staging List" checkbox.

3. Fill in the values to be displayed in the drop down list in the Purchase Orders screen. The list Label, "Stages" by default, can also be changed and it will show on all windows that use the Staging List.  In this example, it has been edited to "Status".

4. Click Save to exit the A/P Defaults and save the changes.

The new custom list can be viewed and edited on new and open Purchase Orders, as shown in the following screen:

Filtering and Adding a Column in the Purchase Orders Ledger

The Purchase Orders Staging List can be added as a filter option in the Purchase Orders ledger and as a column selection. The following example shows the the staging list, renamed "Status", as both a column and a filter.

To find out more info on how to use Ledgers/Query windows in Connected, including how to add fields/customize the list columns, click on the article below.

Using Ledger List/Inquiry Views

Staging List Visibility in the Inventory Window

The Purchase Orders Staging List is also visible in the Inventory window under the "Locations" tab, as shown in the following screen.

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