Adding a Logo or Image to a Form

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Note: This article applies to Connected Versions 11.x or higher.

Adding a logo or image to a form can help brand the form to your company identity. Examples of forms that this may apply to are Invoices, Orders, Quotes, Packing Slips, and Purchase Orders.


STEP 1 - Open Forms Window for a Specific Module (A/R, A/P, J/C, I/C) and Select Form Type

Choose Company Setup from the File menu and choose from A/R Forms, A/P Forms, I/C Forms, or J/C Forms options, as shown in the following screen.

From the Drop Down option, select the form type to see a list of forms available. Depending on the modules being viewed, the options will vary.

STEP 2 - Open Editor Window

To choose a specific form for customization:

Point and click to highlight the form to be customized, as shown in the following screen:

TIP: You can clone an existing form and save a copy to work on. This way, the original form is still available as well as the new one.

Once the form is highlighted, click the Customize button to open the Custom Form Editor window as shown in the following screen.  

The Custom Form Editor window will look like this.

STEP 3 - Add Logo/Image To Form

1) With the mouse pointer, click on the form in the approximate location where the logo/image file should be placed.

2) Select Paste from File as shown in the following screen.

3) In the Select File window, choose the format of your file.  The default is "text" so this will need to be changed to either png, jpg, or bmp for a logo/image file.

NOTE: The file format that seems to yield the best results on both macOS and Windows is a PNG file.

4) Once the type of file has been selected, navigate to the location of the file on your computer and it should be visible.

5) Select the file by double clicking on it.

6) The image should then appear in the form in the approximate location selected.

7) Move/resize the image as required

NOTE: To maintain the aspect ratio of an image, it is best to determine the specific decrease to the Width and Height of the file.  This will be different depending on the file.

Before Resizing:

After Resizing:

You can preview the form and logo/graphic placement/sizes by using the Print to Screen and/or Print option to send a copy to a printer.

STEP 4 - Rename and Save the New Form

To give the form a new name, click anywhere (not on a field or object) so that the General Properties menu shows.  You can then type in a new Form Name in the field.

After all changes are complete, you can then press the Save button on the top of the screen.

STEP 5 - Specify Form(s) to be Used

Prior to using/printing the new form that has been created, select the form to be used for Print Use and for PDF/Email use as shown in the following screen.

To customize other elements in a form such as data fields, text fields, shapes, and fonts, please see Customizing Forms in Connected

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