Adding or Editing Job Budgets Using the Phase Editor

Modified on Tue, 29 Nov 2022 at 10:42 AM

Using the Phase Editor window is the preferred method for making changes to existing job phases, including Budgets. Although each job phase can be updated individually, the Job Phase Editor has the following advantages:

  • All phases assigned to a job are displayed in a single screen and each phase can be edited.
  • All changes made to the job phases values are tracked in full detail under the Record Info for that selected Job so any revisions can be identified.  
  • Managing job budgets using the phase editor avoids duplicate phases being added to a job, which can happen when using Estimates/Estimate revisions
  • The complete list of job phases, including Estimates and Actual costs/hours can be sent to a text file/spreadsheet
  • Notes can be added to each job phase without opening the Job Phase window individually

To update Budgets or any other job phase information:

1) Select Jobs from the J/C menu to lookup a job or open the job from the list in the Job Query window.

2) From the Action menu select Phase Editor as shown below.


The following Phase Editor window opens.

3) Select the phase to be modified and click Modify. Changes can be made to the Estimated Costs, Estimated Labor Costs, Estimated Hours, Cost Rate, Markup %, Billing Rate, Description, and selecting the “No Timesheet Entry” checkbox.  The following screen shows the Phase Editor when in edit mode.


4) Make changes to any of the phases listed, as needed.

5) Press ENTER or click the checkmark to save and update the Job Phases.

Any changes to a Job Phase will have been captured in the Job Record Info.  To see the the exact changes made, select the Info icon from the Jobs window, and then click the change log hyperlink to see the changes made.  Any example of the record info and change log are shown in the following screen:


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