Purchase and Payment Batch Posting

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Connected Requirements:  Connected Version 11.0 or greater.


What is Batch Posting?

This is an optional feature that groups the posting of Purchases and/or Payments by a batch number.  The batch number is a two-digit field in the Purchases and/or Payment's window. If batch numbers are assigned, a user will be able to choose to post for a specific batch only.  

Using Batch posting is especially helpful when multiple users are entering the same transaction, for example, Purchases/aka vendor Bills. A posting or view of unposted entries can be generated to isolate only those transactions with a specific batch number, helping with separation of tasks. For example, if user Jill Smith used her initials on all entries, she could use the batch number "JS" when posting Purchases and/or Payments.

Batch numbers are not mandatory and can be left blank. Batch numbers are also not unique and can be reused as the primary purpose is for filtering/grouping unposted entries. Once a batch is posted, the same batch number can be entered again for new purchases and a new "batch" can be posted.  

Enabling Batch Posting in Purchases and/or Payments

Batches can be enabled for either Purchases and/or Payments.  Both are enabled using the A/P Defaults, as explained in the following steps:

1) Select A/P Defaults from the Company Set up Menu

2) Under the General tab, select the "Purchase Batch Posting" checkbox to enable for Purchases.

3) Under the "Payments" tab, select the "Batch Posting" checkbox to enable for Payments.

4) Click Save to exit the A/P Defaults and save changes.

Entering Batch Numbers on Unposted Purchases or Payments

To assign a batch number to an unposted purchase, select the Batch No field on the Purchase window while editing and enter in a Batch No. This can be a one or two-digit alpha-numeric value and the location is shown in the following screen.

NOTE: A batch number can only be assigned to an unposted Purchase or Payment.

To assign a batch number to an unposted Payment, select the Batch No field in the Payments window while editing and enter in a Batch No. This can be a one or two-digit alpha-numeric value and the location is shown in the following screen.

Assigning Batch Numbers in the "Make Payments" Window

The "Make Payments" feature is typically the go to place for creating bulk payments (Electronic or Paper Check).

When adding or editing a Payment, a batch number can be assigned.  When creating a Payment Run the same applies for all payments created. This can be useful to separate groups of payments for separate posting totals when using multiple currencies or posting for different accounts.

The following screen shows the "Make Payments" window with the "Batch No" field available. All payments created will include the batch number assigned.

Using the Purchases and/or Payments Ledger to View Unposted Entries by Batch No

A quick and easy way to review what Purchases and/or Payments have been entered with Batch Numbers is to use either the Purchases or Payments ledger.

Access to the Purchase or Payments Ledger is a User Privilege that needs to be assigned if not visible. This article describes how to assign specific access to users for windows and activities User Accounts and Access Privileges - Standard Passwords

The following example shows both the Purchases and Payments ledger opened to show unposted entries with the batch number.

1) Open the Purchase Ledger window using the CONNECTED Desktop shortcut, or off the main menu under A/P.  

2) Set the filters for "Unposted" in the Purchases Ledger or "Open" in the Payments ledger, then add a column to the Ledger for Batch Number.

Different columns and "views" can be set up and saved in every ledger window in CONNECTED.  See Using Ledger List/Inquiry Views for information on how to customize, pick fields, and save specific CONNECTED views.  

In this example, a CONNECTED view labelled "Unposted Purchases with Batch Numbers" (with a column added for Batch Number) was created and saved in the Purchases ledger. The Batch No column is sorted and shows what Batch Number each unposted Purchase has been assigned. If this field is blank, this means that a Batch Number has not been assigned yet to that Purchase.

The following is an example of the Payments Ledger showing a view for Unposted (Open) Payments:

Posting Purchases or Payments Using Batch Numbers

Posting by batch number helps to isolate a group of unposted purchases that have been assigned a specific batch number.

NOTE: When posting is done by batch for Purchases or Payments, a blank field is not a valid batch number.  A warning message will appear that "A batch number must be entered".

1) Open the Post Purchases or Post Payments window

2) Select the Purchase or Payment "post batch number" option and enter in a valid batch number.  The following screen shows an example of the "Post Payments" window with a specific batch number being requested.

3) Select Review Purchases/Payments to continue.

4) The posting review window will only show Purchases or Payments that have that specific Batch Number, as shown in the following "Post Payments" example.

5) Click Proceed to continue the posting process.

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