Generating ACH or EFT Payments

Modified on Wed, 01 Apr 2020 at 11:04 AM

Electronic ACH/EFT payments can be created either manually in the A/P Payments window or by using the A/P Make Payments window to do a large batch.  

TIP:  The “Make Payments” window can be used to combine traditional printed checks with electronic payments.

To create a batch of electronic payments with or without traditional checks:

1. Select "Make Payments" from the A/P menu or Connected Desktop.

2. Choose the criteria for which bills/purchases will qualify for payment, as shown in the following screen.  Click Review Purchases to proceed.

3. The following Make Payments – Create Payments window will appear.  Transactions that default to Electronic will have an EFT Export icon beside them.  Select the purchases that are to be paid and note the total of the batch at the bottom beside the EFT Selected label.

TIP:  Ensure that the Payment Date for the payments matches the same date it will be processed by the bank.  For example, there may be a 24-72 hour lead time needed to process a payment.  If an EFT/ACH file is sent to the bank today, those payments may not get processed for a 1-2 days.  In the screen below, the payment date of 03/26/20 is being specified when the file is being created and sent to the bank on 03/25/20.

4. Click the Create button to proceed with creating the payments.

5. Once created, the Payments need to be posted before the can be included in an EFT/ACH export.  Electronic payments will not print a traditional check form when posted.

TIP: To view quickly view all unposted payments, us the Payments Ledger window, as shown below:

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