Once the Electronic Payments have been posted, an export file can be generated from Connected to be transmitted to your financial institution.

To create an EFT/ACH Export file:

1. Select the EFT Export option from the A/P Menu or the Connected Desktop, as shown in the following screen.

2. The following EFT Export window will appear.  Choose the appropriate Bank Code and Payment Date for the ACH/EFT payments to being sent to your bank.

3. Select the appropriate EFT Export Form and set the Payment Date to the appropriate date.  In most cases, the file encoding is set to Unicode UTF8 but may differ in certain file formats.   Generate the EFT File by clicking Export.

4. Save the file to a location where you can easily locate the file to upload to your bank's website.

5. Send appropriate EFT Export file to your bank.  Refer to your bank's instructions for file transmission of the EFT/ACH payment file.

After the file has been generated, it is ready to upload to your bank.   Please refer to your bank for login and file upload instructions.   Once your payments have been submitted, payment advices can be emailed to your vendors to communicate when and which invoices were paid.   

The following help articles in this topic will explain how to customize, generate, and batch email payment advices.

Editing the Layout of the Payment Advice Form

Bulk Email Payment Advices

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