Importing the Payroll Entry from Connected Online Payroll

Modified on Tue, 20 Oct 2015 at 10:04 AM

This article contains everything you need to import your 1st payroll, into Connected, from RunPayroll.  

STEP 1:  Complete your first payroll and set export file name

Complete your first payroll in Connected Online Payroll.   To continue, make sure that you log onto RunPayroll, or click the "Account Center", which is the default page. Click on the menu on the left, under reports, "accounting integration" and you will see all of the payroll pay period text files for download. Depending on your computer settings the downloaded file may be labeled something like:   "20150102_AccountEdge.txt.csv"

PLEASE NOTE:  If there is a ".csv" on the end of the file name, before uploading the data from this file, change the name of the text import 

file to just 20150102_AccountEdge.txt, for example,  by deleting the .csv on the end.   If you don't have that issue then just proceed to Step 2/

STEP 2: Payroll account mapping


You will only do this mapping step once so please read the following carefully.  Please take 6-minutes to watch the following video before proceeding with the account mapping.

This video explains the linking done once in Connected so imports can easily take place. PLEASE NOTE:  You have already done all of the settings inside RunPayroll so you don't have to tell RunPayroll anything more about what integration that you are electing or anything else.  

To generate the export, we use the free "AccountEdge" model, but again, its all done already so no need to worry.  We used a series of generic accounts that are strictly internal to Connected Online Payroll. Obviously you will link to your relevant Connected GL account numbers when you do your 1st mapping and upload.

Your Connected online payroll advisor will send a PDF list of the internal "GL" accounts that RunPayroll uses generically, that differ from your Connected GL codes, so that you can map the accounts.  Having the PDF report  will help you so you can print the Connected Chart of Accounts and pencil in the Connected GL account numbers that you want to use next to the categories on the PDF report from the payroll. This will speed up the Mapping process. Once the mapping is done you don't need to map again unless you change your Connected GL accounts or use new payroll categories. For example, this may happen if you add another hourly pay category to your next payroll. A mapping update may be needed. E-mail us if you get any message about more mapping needed in future payrolls.

STEP 3:   Generate the payroll export file and import into Connected

After the account mapping is complete, you are ready to import your payroll.   As per the video from Step 2, you can import from preview or just import from file and you will be set going forward.

PLEASE NOTE:   Payroll entries are imported as unposted General Journal entries.  These entires still need to be reviewed and posted before your financial statements and bank balances are updated.

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