Connected 11.1 Update Change Log

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November 2023 - The following is a list of improvements and changes made in the Connected Accounting and ERP Software, version 11.1. Connected offers both Cloud SaaS and local Desktop deployments with a 64-bit application that can be deployed on macOS and/or Windows platforms. Connected 11.1 runs as a native application on Apple M series chips (M1, M2, M3..etc) and fully supports macOS Sonoma.

Connected 11.1 System Requirements

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Connected 11.1 Changes (click heading below to view specific changes):


System Wide

New Custom "Pins"

-New options to manage and customize Pins

-Add custom labels, descriptions, and tooltips

-Add custom colors

-Reorder/change position in the Pins list

Enhanced Custom Lookup Lists Using Advanced Find

-Create custom lookup lists with Advanced Find.

-Hide search filters to increase the items in the list view.

-Add custom columns and queries.

-Supports the Customer, Inventory, Vendor, and Job lookup lists.

-Available in virtually all screens in which the lookup lists are present.

Update to All Module "Defaults" Settings windows

-G/L, A/R, A/P, I/C, and J/C Defaults updated with new modern UI.

-Themes supported within Default windows.

-Options easier to find with modern clean layout.

Posting Windows Updated with PDF Print Output

-All posting windows have been updated with a PDF print option.

-Although a PDF could be generated manually, it is now integrated into the Posting window Print menu.

Reporting Enhancements

My Reports Conversion

One of the most popular Connected features, My Reports, has been expanded to include eight new reports. My Reports includes features like report annotation, drill down to source, and up to 15 different reports can be saved. Learn more about My Reports.

The following eight reports have been enhanced with My Reports output:

1) General Ledger - Financial History Report

2) Sales and Receivables - Customer Invoice Analysis Report

3) Sales and Receivables - Sales Tax Summary Report

4) Sales and Receivables - Receipts Journal Report (Summary type only)

5) Sales and Receivables - Sales by Rep Report

6) Sales and Receivables - Lot/Serial Sales Report

7) Purchasing and Payables - PO Receivings Report

8) Purchasing and Payables - 1099 Report

Learn more about My Reports.

Modern Report Framework Migration

The Connected modern report framework has been applied to new reports as it approaches system wide. The new report framework supports themes, report notes, easier report selections, and updated UI.

The following six reports were migrated to the modern report framework:

1) Sales and Receivables - Sales Tax Summary

2) Purchasing and Payables - Purchase Journal Report

3) Purchasing and Payables - PO Receivings Report

4) Job Costing - Job Costing by Cost by Phase Report

5) Job Costing - Timesheet Transactions Report

6) Job Costing - Job Profitability Report

Sales and Receivables

"Pay Now" Button/URL on Forms

-New form field for a "Pay Now" URL.

-The new URL can be used as a straight web address or with specific text.

-If there is a custom icon (Pay Now Icon, the url field can be placed over the icon making it appear and function as a link.

-The URL is specified in the Banks window in the event there are different URL's for payments in different currencies or business units.

Other Form Enhancements

-New field to add a currency label for the "HOME" currency without using a complex formula string.  New field is located in the Currency Setup window and can be applied to most forms.

-Customer Statement form has a new field for the Sales Order number that can be listed in the body beside the associated invoice in the statement detail.

Recurring Invoice Enhancements

-New option to apply "Intervals" to Manual or Auto Recurring Invoices. In past versions, Manual recurring invoices did not support intervals.

-New Intervals for Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly.

-New option to track and auto-calculate the "next use date" when creating Manual recurring invoices.

-Frequency column added in the Recurring Invoice list. Column can be sorted and exported with recurring invoice list.

-Re-arranged Recurring Invoice window layout by combining the Bill To and Ship To addresses into a single tab and adding other missing address fields.

Long Item No Field added to "Item Info" Tab in Sales Windows

-When the "Long Item No" field is used for a part number, the value will be visible in the Item Info Tab of the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Account Invoice window.

-The following screen shows the location of the field, which displays beside the "Item No" field in parenthesis.


Other Sales and Receivables Enhancements

-Customer Profit Center Column added to the Customer Query window.  This is only available when the "Profit Center Distributions" are enabled for Sales.

-New option to export the Sales Ledger with column headings only to provide better integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Orders and Quotes

Sales Order Workflow Staging List Enhancements

-The Sales Order "Staging" list is a custom user defined pull down menu that can have a custom label and 15 custom list options. Common uses for this field are for the order type, location, status, or stage

NOTE: The generic name for this custom list is "Staging" list. However, the list name can also be customized and called, for example, "Status". The custom name, if provided, is what will show up in all places that the list is referenced. The Staging list is enabled in the A/R Defaults setup window, under the Sales Orders tab.

Learn More about the Sales Order Staging List

-Added Sales Order Staging list as a filter in the Sales Orders ledger. In previous versions, the Staging list was only available as a column selection without a specific filter.

-Updated the "Select Forms" print option to set the "Staging" list value on print.

-Updated the Quick Ship window to set the "Staging" list value on execution of the Quick Ship.

Print -> Select Forms, from the Sales Order window:

Quick Ship Order window:

Purchasing and Payables

1099 NEC - 2023 Update

-Added new field to the 1099 form for Payment Year for both the 1099 NEC and 1099 Misc forms.

-Added new My reports output with drill down and saved reports.

Recent 1099 NEC Changes:

-Added support for 1099 NEC 3 part form (completed in Jan 2022)

-Added new flattened export for 1099 NEC and 1099 MISC to assist with electronic filing (December 2022, Connected 11.0)

Complete list of changes for 1099-NEC Reporting

Purchase Orders Workflow Staging List

-The Purchase Order "Staging" list is a custom user defined pull down menu that can have a custom label and 15 custom list options. Suggested uses for this field are for purchase order shipping status, location, customs, or stage.

NOTE:The generic name for this custom list is "Staging" list. However, the list name can also be customized and called, for example, "Status". The custom name, if provided, is what will show up in all places that the list is referenced. The Staging list is enabled in the A/P Defaults setup window, under the Purchase Orders tab.

-When enabled, the Purchase Order "Staging" list is available as a new column and filter in the Purchase Orders ledger.

Inventory and Manufacturing

Inventory Item Custom Fields - New Advanced Field Configuration

-Inventory Custom fields have been enhanced with a new advanced configuration option.  

-New options for controlled lists, display prefix with formatting settings, and options to make fields "required" for an Inventory Item.

-Formatting strings for currency, comma placement, decimals, prefix, or suffix in numeric custom fields.

Inventory Window Improvements

-Added fields for Customer PO Number in the Activity Ledgers -> Locations -> Sales Order tab of the Inventory Item window.

-Added the Staging List in Activity Ledgers -> Locations -> Sales Orders/Purchase Orders/Work Orders tabs of the Inventory Item window. The new Staging List value shows in all three tabs, if activated and used in that area.

Manufacturing Work Order Workflow Staging List

-The Manufacture/Work Order "Staging" list is a custom user defined pull down menu that can have a custom label and 15 custom list options. Suggested uses for this field are for production stage, machine, location, or status.

NOTE: The generic name for this custom list is "Staging" list. However, the list name can also be customized and called, for example, "Status". The custom name, if provided, is what will show up in all places that the list is referenced.The Staging list is enabled in the I/C Defaults setup window, under the Manufacture tab.

-Manufacture Staging List added as filter and new column in Work Orders ledger.

-Manufacture Staging List (Number and Description) added as new fields for the Manufacture/Work Order form. NOTE: The description can only be used on a new custom form.

Manufacture/Work Order Ledger New Filters

-Added new Master Item filter in Work Orders Ledger. Specify a specific Master Item to see all manufacture orders, for that item, combined with other filters.

-Added Description search filter for a text string search.

-Added Manufacture Staging List filter and column, if enabled.

Importing and Data Exchange

New Quick Invoice Import for E-Commerce Transactions

-New Quick Invoice import that records the sale and payment in a single transaction. Great for recording completed e-commerce transactions from a separate source.

-Custom field mapping using modern import framework.

-Use web order number to auto assign next Connected invoice number.

-Add tracking numbers and tracking number links.

Learn more about Importing Quick Invoices to Record E-Commerce Transactions.

G/L Transactions (aka Journal Entries) Import Enhancements

-Modern import framework with custom field mapping.

-Support for importing an account line item description. (Previously Unavailable)

-Support for importing Analysis Codes to be assigned to entries. (Previously Unavailable)

Learn more about Importing G/L Transactions (aka Journal Entries).

Sales Order Import - Support for Custom Line Fields

-Support for custom line item fields.

-Assign up to 11 custom values at a line item level

Other Importing Changes

-Purchase Orders import will now auto-confirm PO's if Auto-Confirm is turned on.

-Customer Payments import has new option to specify "Deposit".

-Sales Order import results will now show how many new orders have been added, in addition to the the other information already being shown.

Maintenance and Fixes

NOTE: Issues below are current from version 11.0 to 11.1

0005032: [Other -macOS] Fixed critical screen redraw error with macOS Sonoma.

0004797: [I/C] Manufacture Report Window - An issue was found and fixed that caused the report window text to be misaligned.

0004795: [Forms/] Print to PDF with Free 3 of 9 barcode font - An issue was resolved that affected Windows 11 creating a PDF only when using the specific barcode font. 

0004820: [A/R] Saving Account Invoice and Sales Orders without Terms code - An issue was resolved that allowed an order or invoice to be saved, in very specific circumstances, without a terms code.

0004847: [I/C] IC Demand Report - Negative values were restored to a red font.

0004848: [G/L] Journal Entries Report - Issue was resolved that caused the report to display entries with no account details  in a misleading way.

0004853: [A/R] Item Sales History Report - The report performance was greatly enhanced after locating a bad call in the report code.  Performance is increased by 1,000% or more.

0004889: [G/L] Balance Sheet Report - Issue resolved that caused a date not to print beside the period selection.

0004892: [Report Center] A/R Receipts Journal Report - Resolved issue that caused report to sometimes fails to load the print destination menu.

0004921: [G/L] Trial Balance Report - Resolved issue with incorrect report header data.

0004911: [A/R] A/R Ledger and Query Windows - Issue resolved that caused custom fields to be exported as blank when sending results to text file/spreadsheet. 

0004932: [Other] Record Info - Problem found and fixed that caused record info window to not open change logs for records with code field entries containing certain characters

0004931: [Import] Customers Import - Resolved issues in which Customer Custom fields were not importing values for new or update imports.

0004411: [Import] Purchases Imports - Issue resolved that caused the Summary and Detail Purchase Imports to not properly handle purchase post date when enabled

0004946: [I/C] Item Custom Field Labels - Found and fixed issue in which custom field labels were duplicated in the I/C Defaults setup window.

0004939: [A/R - Invoices] - Resolved issue in which backorder quantities were changed if the related unposted invoice was edited after a sales order (sales order with backorders) shipped

0004118: [A/P Purchase Orders] - Resolved error message when cancelling a line item on a posted purchase order.

0004273: [Other] - Resolved issue in which the "&" character was not displaying correctly in custom menu text.

0004955: [G/L] - Resolved issue when creating a reversing entry and clicking Next caused the very first record to be loaded vs the next Journal Entry. 

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