Using the "Back Up" operation can be helpful and sometimes mandatory before performing certain data file operations. The use of this operation is also handy for creating spot backups when needed.

The back up operation will create a zip file archive of the selected data file.

WARNING: These instructions are for backing up Connected data files through the Connectd Accounting and ERP software's Omnis Data Bridge Administration (ODBA) application. It is NOT recommended to use this as your company's sole backup method but rather to be one of multiple different methods to create redundancy and additional copies of your accounting data file(s) in different locations, as needed.

To back up a data file, select it in the data file list and then choose the "Back Up" operation, as shown in the following screen:

Before a back up is started, a test will be done for active users. If active users are accessing the file, the following message will appear.

If there are no active users, you will be prompted with a window to name and save the file. The default file name for the backup is ", using the 24 hour time format. The following file name is an example of a file backed up on 01/11/2021 at 2:09:25PM:

Once completed, the following OK message will appear.