PLEASE NOTE:  This article is only applicable for the legacy version of Connected 7.x on macOS.

The following steps explain how to re-serialize Connected 7 on a Mac.

1. Ensure the Connected application is closed.

2. Locate the Connected 7.x application in the Applications folder.

3. Press the CONTROL key on your keyboard and click on the “Connected”. From the menu, select the “Show Package Contents” option, as shown in the following screen.


Re-serialize Mac


4. Open the “Contents” folder.

5. Open the “MacOS” folder. 

6. Open the "config" folder. 

7. Drag the "conne.cfg" file to the trash. See the following screen for the directory path.

8.Close all the open windows.

Once completed, launch the Connected 7 application and you will be prompted to re-enter the serial number, user, and company information.