Connected 8.1.20 Patch Release Details

Modified on Thu, 20 Jul 2017 at 02:25 PM

PLEASE NOTE:  This patch is being pushed to Connected on Demand users on Friday July 28, 2017.  All items listed will be included in the Fall general release of Connected 8.2

This article outlines the changes made in the Connected 8.1.20 patch from Connected 8.1.09.  This patch is mainly a maintenance release but also includes a few new notable enhancements.    

Changes from 8.1.09 to 8.1.20:


Sales Order, Sales Quote, Purchase Order, and Work Order Ledger windows: Helper windows added to  the Ledger windows (Contacts, Notes, Record Info, and Pin)

Calendar Buttons added to all posting windows to select from calendar for date selections.

File Backup option added under Utilities menu to create zip file archives of the current Connected data (data that you are logged into)

Location Name and Location Pop-up List added to the following windows: Sales Order, Customer, Account Invoices, and Cash Invoice windows.

Added "Custom Purchase" fields to the A/P Purchases window.   

-Fields are transferred from Purchase Order to Purchase, when applicable. 

-Fields can be used on Purchases only.  

-first two fields are searchable

-these fields were formerly labelled "Custom PO" and previously only available in Purchase Order window

Payments window (aka Checks) now shows a pre-payment date in the details section of a Normal type payment.

Calendar buttons added to the Sales order line item "Required Date"

Sales Order required date (Order Required Date) is now passed to Account Invoice when order is shipped to new "Est Delivery Date" field.  New field is available in the Sales Ledger so that the Order Required Date and Est Delivery Date can be compared.

New Layout to "Shipments" tab in Sales Order window.

-new order metrics with for Order Total, Unshipped, Ship Now, Shipped to Date, and Back Ordered

-total fields can be colored, by user, by right clicking on them

-exclude service items checkbox

-"Ship Now $" and "Ship Now %" added to Sales Order ledger as columns that can be selected

Currency field added as column in Purchase Order ledger

Option to make "Lot Expiry Date" mandatory, by item

Job Name Search in jobs window is no longer case sensitive

Sales Order "Confirm" checkbox is now password protected.  Each time an order is marked as confirmed/unconfirmed a record info entry is added to show the user/date/time of the action

Customer Discount % now supported on Customer Import

Purchase Order Import:  Added "Order No", "Expected Date", and "Est Arrival" fields 

New utility created to clear all data in Credit Card fields for PCI compliance


#0003113: [A/R] Resolved issue for Recurring Invoices in non HOME currency that used the incorrect A/R Account

#0002521: [G/L]  Income Statement Report issue resolved on Gross Profit Calculation.  Issue only occurred when the report was run with a Department Range, Separate Statements, and % of total revenue selected.

#0002513: [G/L] Fixed issue with Trial Balance report that showed, in some instances, zero activity accounts when "Suppress Zero Activity" was selected.

#0002868: [A/R] Problem resolved with Sales Order that caused a loop when the "Item Info" tab was selected after a quantity available warning.

#0003051: [G/L]  Resolved issue with Income Statement that caused zero activity accounts, in some instances, to be shown when "Suppress Zero Line" was selected.

#0003035: [G/L] Resolved issue with Balance Sheet report that showed zero activity accounts, in some instances, when "Suppress Zero Line" is selected.

#0003164: [A/R] Resolved issue with Incomplete Orders report that caused overlap on long item codes.

#0003137: [G/L]  Resolved issue with Financial History report that allowed periods past period 12 to be entered.  Report now only accepts periods 1 - 12.

#0003092: [A/P] Fixed issue on Quick Pay Payment that cased cursor to stick in PO number field.

#0003150: [A/P] Resolved issue that blocked a PO from being edited when outside the current 18 open periods when the "Modify PO in Closed Periods" user privilege was enabled.

#0003148: [Year End] Resolved issue that caused a customer balance to change when there was unposted Miscellaneous Receipts during a year end processing.

#0003061: [I/C]  Added time stamps that were missing from the following inventory reports:   Master Item list Detail / Summary, Price List Summary / Detail, Sales Analysis, Manufacture, Production, Consumption, MRP, Inventory Valuation, Inventory Movement, IC Transactions, Restocking

#0003073: [A/R] Resolved issue that caused incorrect customer margin calculation on Customer Sales History report for customers in different currencies only.

#0003075: [A/R] Issue resolved that caused the balance not to be cleared when a payment was received with a discount

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