Bar Code Scanning of Lot/Serial Numbers for Outbound Order

Modified on Wed, 08 Feb 2023 at 03:40 PM

Connected System Requirements to use this feature:

-Connected Version 11 or greater

-Connected Enterprise with Sales Orders active

-Connected Lot/Serial Control enabled

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This articles describes an alternate process for assigning/picking lot/serial controlled items on a sales order.  The purpose is to use scanning to fill and ship the Sales Order, by using bar code scanning accuracy, on lot/serial controlled items. 

Items, which are lot/serial controlled, can have lot/serial numbers entered manually (keyboard) or scanned in by barcode.  In either scenario, the lot/serial number scanned or keyed in, is compared to a list of available lot/serial numbers for the controlled items on the sales order to be picked.  If there is a match, the lot/serial number is allocated  to the applicable item.  

Scanning helps a shipper assign the correct outbound lot/serial numbers to an order vs selecting from a preloaded list of available lot/serial numbers.

Enabling Sales Order Lot/Serial Scanning

To activate Sales Order Lot/Serial scanning:

1) Select File -> Company Setup -> A/R Defaults.

2) Click the Sales Order tab and select the "Use Lot/Serial Number Scan Interface", as shown in the following screen.

3) Click OK to exit and save the changes.

Using the Lot/Serial Scan Interface

Once enabled, the scanning interface is ready to use. The following examples show how an order's lot/serial controlled items can be validated with the scan interface.

1) Locate a Sales Order that is ready to be updated with items picked.

2) Click on the "Lot/Serial No's" tab.

3) Scan or manually key in the lot/serial numbers that relate to item(s) on the order and click the Validate button or press ENTER. NOTE: Most scanners can be programmed to include an ENTER keystroke character after the scan for a fluid scanning process. See your scanner manual for additional details.  

4) Once a scan is complete, Connected will compare the lot/serial number scanned against the lot/serial numbers available for all items on the sales order.   

The following is an example of the field locations described in steps 1-4:

5) When considering a Lot Controlled item, after each scan of a valid lot/item number combination, CONNECTED will require a manual entry into the Reserved column, as shown below.  The scan serves to verify the lot/item code combination as valid, while the actual quantity is entered manually.

6) When considering Serial Controlled items, after each scan of serial/ item number combination, CONNECTED will automatically assign the item in the reserved quantity, as shown below.  The intended workflow is to continuously scan items until all serial number allocations are reserved.

7) Complete all the necessary lot/serial scans, and click Save to update the order for shipping.

Possible Alerts and/or Validation Messages when Scanning

The following are situations that will generate an alert or validation message when scanning lot/serial numbers:

- Invalid or unavailable lot / serial number, item combination scanned or entered.

- The same Lot/Serial number entered exists for more than one item code on the sales order to be shipped.  An Alert message would appear and prompt the user to select the item the lot/serial number entered should be assigned to.

If the wrong Item number is picked after a duplicate message, meaning the same item/serial number is being selected again.

- Attempt to over allocate a lot/serial number based on the number required

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