Data Reorganization: Connected 10.3.03 to 10.3.07

Modified on Mon, 21 Feb 2022 at 12:33 PM

PLEASE NOTE: This article only applies to the scheduled Connected on Demand 10.3.07 patch, which will be completed in the early morning on Friday February 25, 2022.


Once the Connected 10.3.07 patch has been applied on, all Connected data files will need to be reorganized to be compatible and readable. This is a straightforward process that needs to be done once per data file.  


To reorganize your Connected version 10.3.03 data file to CONNECTED 10.3.07:


1) Start the Connected 10.3 application by double clicking the Connected 10.3 from the Desktop Icon Start menu.

2) A screen will appear prompting to select your Connected data file or the last file used will automatically be present in the logon window. If required, locate the data file and click Open once you have made your selection. If successful, the following Connected Log On window will appear prompting for Log on name and Password.

NOTE:  Connected 10.3 has changes so that the Log on Name and Password are now case sensitive.  All previous versions use upper case only. This means your existing Log on Name and Password must be entered in UPPER CASE or it will not be accepted.



3) Directly after login, the following Reorganize the Company Data file message will appear.


4) Carefully read the text on the screen and verify the correct file is being updated. Ensure each checkbox is read, understood, and selected prior to proceeding with the reorganization. If the reorganization is attempted without selecting all checkboxes, the following message will appear.



NOTE:  Once the reorganization process has started it cannot be aborted until complete.  If the process needs to be aborted a backup will need to be restored.


5) After selecting all checkboxes, click the Reorganize button to proceed or Cancel to abort.  If you chose to reorganize the Version 10 working message will appear will processing is taking place.

6) When the reorganization process is completed the following dialog box will appear.



7) Click Yes to continue and log on to the converted data file.

Once the data reorganization is completed, users can login to that specific data file.  

Repeat steps 1-7 for any additional files that need to be updated.

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