The Connected 10.1.04 major update will be pushed to the Connected on Demand environment on the morning of November 24, 2020.   Data files accessed, after the update is pushed, will require data reorganization.  The following steps will assist with the data reorganization process.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is ideal for only one user, the one performing the data reorganization, to access the Connected on Demand environment until all data files have been updated to the new version.

How long will the data reorganization take?  

Because of the optimal hardware settings of Connected on Demand, the data reorganization should go very quickly  Since each file is different, we are unable to estimate the exact time but a general guideline for smaller files would be 2-5 minutes, medium sized files 10-15 minutes, large files 15-25 minutes per file.

Do you have questions? 

Contact our support department by email at or by phone at 888-414-2196.

WARNING: It is important that you back up your CONNECTED data file before proceeding.  

To reorganize your CONNECTED version 10.1.04 data file to CONNECTED 10.2.04:

1) Start the CONNECTED 10.2 application by double clicking the Connected 10.2 icon from the desktop or “Connected 10.2” from the Start menu.

2) A screen may appear prompting you to select your CONNECTED data file or the last used file will be selected by default (proceed to Step 3). Locate your data file within the screen provided, if required, and click Open once you have made your selection.

3) The following Connected Log On window will appear prompting for Log On Name and Password. 


4) Once logged in, the following Reorganize the Company Data file message will appear.

5) Carefully read the text on the screen and verify the correct file is being updated.   Ensure that you have selected each checkbox prior to proceeding with the reorganization.  If you attempt to reorganize without selecting all checkboxes, the following message will appear.

NOTE:  Once the reorganization process has started it cannot be aborted.  If you need to abort the process you must revert to the backup of your data file

6) After selecting all check boxes, click the Reorganize button to proceed or Cancel to abort.  If you chose to reorganize the Version 10.2 working message will appear will processing is taking place.

7) When the reorganization process is completed the following dialog box will appear.

8) Click Yes to continue and log on to the converted data file.