NOTE:  This article is applicable to both macOS and PC servers using the Connected 10 ODB Admin

With Connected 10, the ODB Admin server application was distributed with a pre-serialized version of the application, for ease of deployment.  The serial number used has an expiry of September 30, 2019.   

When accessing the ODB Admin users may receive the following message:

To change the serial number:

1) Select "About ODB Admin" from the "ODB Admin" menu on macOS or the File menu on PC.  Both screens are shown below.



2) In the "About ODB Admin" screen, click the "Change License Number", as shown below:

3) In the "Serialize" window, remove the value in the "Serial Number" field and replace with one of your Connected 10 serial numbers.  This number will not count against your user count so anyone can be used.  Also, you can complete the "User Name" and "Company".  For example: User Name = Server, Company Name = Acme Inc (your company name).

4) Once the serial number details are completed, click OK.  The "About ODB Admin" window will reappear.  Click anywhere in that window, except the "Change License Number" button, and the window will disappear completing the process.