Configure Your User Account

1) Visit

2) You will be prompted for a login name and password.   Your login is your email address.  Your temp password is provided by the Connected Support Department.  



3) Once you log in click the "Change Password" link as it will be required. This is shown in the following screen.

4) Proceed to change your password.  You will need to enter the current password followed by your new password. 

PLEASE NOTE:  A password must be at least 10 characters in length and have one upper case letter and one number.  Unless specifically requested otherwise, user passwords must be changed once every 180 days.

5) Once you have changed your password successfully, click OK to return to the login screen.


6) Close your web browser and proceed to the next section.



Download and Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App


The following is required to download and configure the Microsoft Remote Desktop app which will be used to login to the hosted environment.


PLEASE NOTE:  Mac OS 10.9 or greater is required.


To access Connected on Demand you will need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. The following steps will instruct you on how to access your session using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.


PLEASE NOTE: If this is your first time logging into the Connected on Demand environment and you have not yet created your own password, you will need to do so prior to proceeding with the set up instructions below. You will not be able to access Connected on Demand without doing this step.  



1) Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac App Store.

2) Once downloaded and installed, click and open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. 


3) Once the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is open, you will see the following screen. Click Remote Resources.


4) Fill in the URL (  Enter the User Name and Password fields with the appropriate information, as shown in the following screen.

5) Click Refresh.  After clicking Refresh the "Accountek Connected" will be available and appear in the Remote Resources window, as shown in the following screen.



You have now successfully set up access to the Connected on Demand environment on your Mac.


How to Sign In:

  • You will always use the Microsoft Remote Desktop application to access your hosted session.
  • Once you have set up access by completing the above steps, you can simply launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop application and select your Remote Desktop from the Remote Resources list (shown in Step 5) for future logins.