Creating a Manual Reversing Payroll

The manual pay run feature is useful to post correcting entries to your payroll account. It functions like a manual journal entry in your accounting system - no payroll calculations are performed, just the entries you input are posted.

To create a manual pay run:

1) Start a pay run. You will see a new option under payroll type called “manual”

2) Click Submit and you'll see a list of your employees. Select the one you wish to post manual reversing entries for.   PLEASE NOTE: The system will pull the employee's default hours/pay. To undo a specific pay run (full or partial) get the employee's pay slip from that pay run and enter negative amounts for each item as they appear on the pay slip.

3) You can now edit any field and enter manual amounts.  For example, to reverse a pay cheque, you can enter negative amounts into Regular Earnings, EI, CPP or any other field to reflect the changes you wish to make.  PLEASE NOTE:   NO calculations will be performed - be sure to enter the data exactly as you need.

4) Continue the pay run as usual to post the entries.